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As promised, this Friday will be the last screening scheduled until October. NFR has a full lineup coming, but September is going to be woodshed month! Time to watch a tons of stuff to pick out some great things to screen. I'm also musing on resurrecting the once-annual "No Festival Required: Selected Shorts" program I used to do at Phoenix Art Museum. SMoCA has given me approval to pursue this, but it's not a call for entries, it's an invitational, and I need to see what's out there before I commit to the idea. Stay tuned. And yes, I ALSO miss the annual ASU Art Museum Short Film Festival. It was part of why I started NFR, to see great shorts shown more often. That's another thing I want to look into, now that the curator who programmed it has left town and it doesn't seem to be coming back. It was the only fine-art shorts show besides what I do, and I miss it.

Ok, enough...FRIDAY! At Icehouse! Be there, it's a great film. Tell others. If you've alreadyseen it, tell others who haven't how great it is!

Best to you!


“Of Dolls and Murder”: A Crime Scene Dollhouse Documentary by Susan Marks-Narrated by John Waters
Friday August 24, 8pm-doors at 7:30
Icehouse Phoenix
429 West Jackson St. Phoenix, Arizona

Admission $5.00 cash only-refreshments for sale

Enjoy the cool air-conditioned White Column Room in this incredible Phoenix landmark, come early or stay late for self-guided tour!


Before forensics, DNA, and CSI we had dollhouses – an unimaginable collection of miniature crime scenes, known as the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death.

Created in the 1930s and 1940s by a crime-fighting grandmother, Frances Glessner Lee created the Nutshells to help homicide detectives hone their investigative skills. These surreal dollhouses reveal a dystopic and disturbing slice of domestic life with doll corpses representing actual murder victims, or perhaps something that just looks like murder.

Despite all the advances in forensics, the Nutshells are still used today to train detectives.

The documentary film, Of Dolls and Murder, explores the dioramas, the woman who created them, and their relationship to modern day forensics. From the iconic CSI television show to the Body Farm and criminally minded college students, legendary filmmaker and true crime aficionado, John Waters narrates the tiny world of big time murder.

Director, Writer, Producer-Susan Marks is a Jerome Grant recipient, award-winning independent documentary filmmaker, and screenwriter. Her first documentary film, The Betty Mystique unearths the secret life of Betty Crocker, as does her companion book, Finding Betty Crocker.
In her feature directorial début, Of Dolls & Murder, Susan explores the tiny world of big time murder through dollhouse crime scenes – the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death.
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