September 2016
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More Than Half of Smartphone Users Get News Alerts, but Few Get Them Often
  • Pew found 55% of U.S. smartphone users receive news alerts, but only 13% get them frequently.
  • Only about half of those users (47%) who get news notifications click through to the article or search for more information.
  • Those who follow the news closely are just slightly more likely to get alerts compared with users who don’t (58% vs. 52%, respectively). Those who follow news closely, however, click through to articles by a wider margin than those who don’t (53% vs. 42%).
Newsstand Declines Continue, but Bright Spots Remain 
  • North American newsstand units sold in the first half of 2016 decreased 10.8% compared with the same period last year, according to MagNet.
  • Units sold in the combined celebrity and women’s categories declined 14.3%. Meanwhile, home and garden fell 15.2% and health and fitness dropped 15.1%.
  • However, general interest magazines saw substantial increases in dollar sales (22.5%) and units sold (23.6%). The entertainment category was up as well, with a 2.3% increase in units sold and a 14.1% jump in dollar sales.
Snapchat Ad Revenues to Reach Nearly $1 Billion Next Year
  • Researcher eMarketer projected Snapchat ad revenue will hit almost $1 billion next year, a jump from $366.69 million this year.
  • However, while Snapchat accounts for 31.6% of social media users in the U.S., it still generates only 2.3% of social ad dollars.
  • Snapchat Discover now brings in the largest share of the company’s advertising revenues (43%). But next year, revenue from Stories will overtake that of Discover, generating 37.8% of Snapchat’s ad revenue in the U.S.
What Google Learned from the Digital Diaries of 1,000 Mobile Users
  • 92% of those who used their phone to research a product or service made a purchase within a day, and 76% of users who searched for something in their local area visited a related business within a day.
  • 96% use their phone to meet their daily needs, while 73% use a laptop and only 33% use a tablet. Half use more than one device.
  • The majority cited convenience and close proximity as the reasons they’re likely to turn to their phone to address their needs.
  • Just 10% use print newspapers, magazines, or books to meet their daily needs, while 29% ask a person directly.
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