Friday, November 6, 2015
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy industry stories covers Facebook's continuing push into publishing and video, publishers returning to their core missions, The Boston Globe's plan for sponsored content and a new website, how native advertising has evolved in the past year, and more.
Facebook is gaining momentum in the publishing world: It just fully launched Instant Articles, is rolling out its Notify news app next week, and announced its video views have doubled since April, jumping to 8 billion a day.

In the rush to scale, some publishers lost sight of their core audience. Now, with platforms providing broad general-interest coverage, some are bringing it back to their original mission to better compete.

The Boston Globe is the latest newspaper to adopt sponsored content to diversify its revenue stream. It also announced it's launching a new website focused on health, medicine, and life sciences.

Native advertising has gone through some changes over the past year. Publishing executives say they've seen significant increases in requests, more of a focus on engagement over views, and implications around off-platform distribution.
Infographic of the Week
This week’s infographic pick takes a look at the world of typography with an illustrated glossary of everything from typeface categories and styles to the anatomy of letters.

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