Friday, May 8, 2015
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy publishing industry stories covers a new Snapchat tool that lets users share Discover news stories, how airlines' literary magazines are taking flight, Google's announcement that mobile now generates more search traffic than PCs, NatGeo's Instragram success, and more.
Snapchat Discover used to prevent users from sending stories to others, in an attempt to keep them in the portal. But that's finally changed with the rollout of a tool that lets readers share news along with personalized comments and emoji.

Literary magazine Rhapsody will cost you the price of a United Airlines' premium cabin ticket, unless you wait to read old issues online. The airline is following the lead of other luxury lifestyle in-flight magazines, which are attracting acclaimed authors with good fees and free travel and accommodations along with exposure to captive audiences, a rarity in the digital age.

Mobile search traffic now exceeds that from PCs, Google confirmed, a trend that could have serious implications for its ad business. While it's moving toward more mobile-friendly ads, many consumers are now skipping Google and other search engines altogether and going directly to their mobile apps to find information.

National Geographic is hitting some pretty impressive numbers on Instagram: 17 million followers and more than one billion likes to date. That makes it the most followed non-celebrity account and the only media company on Instagram's top 20 list.
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My iPad Studio Just Got Sweeter: In her latest article, TFP's Mary Lester happily reports that she's finally found the perfect iPad app for creating layouts with professional-level fonts and font control: Adobe Comp.

TFP's Infographic Pick of the Week teaches you how to use Google search like a pro, highlighting a list of useful tips and techniques to help you work smarter.

This week's InDesign CC Tip from TFP's Monica Murphy explains smart text reflow, a feature that automatically adds or deletes pages when text is added or deleted during editing.
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