June 2015
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Report: Top Publishers Saw 15% Engagement Growth on Instragram in April
  • Media publishers drove a total of 783 million social media actions in April, with 524 million on Facebook, 35 million on Twitter, and 224 million on Instagram.
  • BuzzFeed Video ruled Facebook with 11.93 million engagements, closely followed by Hollywood Life with 11.23 million.
  • National Geographic grew 23% in total social engagements, leading the pack on Instagram with 115.58 million actions.
Survey: News Orgs Are Prioritizing Mobile and Placing Less Emphasis on Paywalls
  • Digital growth is now the top priority among news organizations, with 94% of survey respondents citing it as critical or very important.
  • Mobile development (93%), data analytics (92%), and growing mobile revenue streams (91%) were other top initiatives.
  • However, publishers focused on paywall development dropped by almost half compared with last year's survey results.
Study: Facebook Main Source of Political News for Millennials, Gen X-ers 
  • Facebook is the main source of political news for 61% of millennials, followed by local television news (37%), according to a recent survey.
  • Conversely, 60% of baby boomers get political news from local television, while 39% find it on Facebook.
  • After Facebook, the most common source of political news for millennials is CNN, followed by local television. For Gen-Xers, Facebook and local television are the top sources.
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