May 2016
Check Out Our Top Metrics for Long-Form Stories on Mobile, Demand for Ad-Free Browsing, Social Media Growth, and More
People Will Read Your Long Stories on Their Phones (for Two Minutes, Anyway)
  • A Pew report shows smartphone users spend 123 seconds with long-form stories, about twice as much time as they spend with short articles (57 seconds).
  • While Facebook generates significantly more traffic than Twitter, users spend 133 seconds reading articles from Twitter versus 107 seconds for articles from Facebook.
  • No matter the length of the story, readers typically find articles on the day they're published, and the longest periods of engagement occur in late-night hours and in the morning.
Study: People Would Pay to Avoid Web Ads
  • Accenture found 42% of 28,000 survey respondents would pay for an ad-free browsing experience.
  • Of all respondents, 61% are familiar with ad blocking. Some 69% of users 18 to 24 years old know about ad blockers, while 66% of those 25 to 34 years old are aware of the technology.
  • While 47% of users in emerging markets said they plan to use ad blockers, only 34% of users in mature markets said the same.
New ComScore Traffic Report Underlines the Strength of Facebook, Rise of Snapchat 
  • Social networking now accounts for one in every five minutes spent on the Internet.
  • Monthly visits to the top 1,000 websites increased to an average of 16.8 million per month in 2015, with mobile surpassing desktop.
  • Mobile apps account for 61% of all social media time spent among U.S. users.
  • Three in every five Internet users age 18 to 24 years old now actively use Snapchat.
43 Percent of Social Media Users Don't Know Where the Stories They Read Originally Appeared
  • A Digital Content Next study found 43% of people reading stories on social media aren't aware of which publisher provided the original content.
  • Some 40% of study participants said they would click on an article of interest from a site they were unfamiliar with.
  • Brand awareness was highest among providers of national news and sports stories (61%) and lowest in the lifestyle category (52%), though recognition can vary greatly across a range of publishers.
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