Friday, October 28, 2016
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy publishing industry stories focuses on Hearst's MagFront pitch to advertisers, how to succeed in content marketing, digital vs. traditional ads in local media, the challenges of Facebook's and Google's growing dominance, and more. Please read the full version here...
Hearst’s MagFront event showcased upcoming content plans across brands along with sponsorship opportunities.
Content marketing success depends on overarching strategy, says POP’s Joe McCambley in a Q&A.
Digital ads will surpass traditional ad media in U.S. local markets by 2018, according to new projections, reflecting in part the ongoing downturn in the newspaper industry.
Facebook and Google continue to rankle publishers, with more reports on the challenges the tech giants are creating industrywide.
Infographic of the Week
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