Friday, October 30, 2015
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy industry stories covers how direct-to-social models could mean the end of links, the future of news reading app Flipboard, the role of platform ambassador, the value of good design, and more.
Death of the link? It could be, one columnist says. Given the initial results of Facebook Instant Articles and Twitter Moments, it may be only a matter a time before the bulk of content lives on social media and we no longer need to venture elsewhere.

News reading app Flipboard faces challenges as the news landscape evolves and advertising rates continue to slide, Bloomberg reports. The company maintains it's doing just fine, with revenue and user numbers projected to double this year.

Platform ambassador is a new role media outlets are creating as they adopt distributed content models.The idea is to unify strategy and better manage relationships with publishing parters, including social media platforms.

Good design means a better reading experience, and there's science to prove it. A study that monitored readers' vitals to see how they responded to various design examples showed a higher rate of engagement with uncluttered news pages. 
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