Friday, May 27, 2016
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy publishing industry stories covers how Hearst is growing its global digital network, a "blueprint" for digital transformation, Business Insider's reversal of the distributed model, the relationship between new media upstarts and old media parents, and more.
Hearst’s media operating system is rolling out across more than 300 titles and 46 international markets, with the publisher’s digital chief calling it "our elegant weapon." 
A digital “blueprint” from big legacy newsrooms like the Times is emerging, helping those still working on their strategies to make the shift.
A new Business Insider website will feature content created specifically for social platforms. Called "Insider," the lifestyle site is a reversal of the trend toward distributed publishing.
"Hot shots of new media are like twentysomethings who live in their parents' basement," a Bloomberg column says, adding while there are mutual benefits, there can be tensions when upstarts “test their parent’s boundaries." 
Infographic of the Week
AEM Mobile: In this week's Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Tip, Monica Murphy shows you how easy it is to create a Content Map, along with ways to sort content using filters.

Media Metrics: In case you missed it, this month's roundup covers long-form storytelling on mobile, consumers willing to pay for ad-free browsing, the continuing growth of social media, brand awareness on platforms, and more.

TFP's latest infographic: If you're thinking about using A/B testing to optimize your site, make sure to check out our infographic pick outlining key elements to test for and what to avoid.

We'd like to honor all those who have served our country as this Memorial Day approaches, and wish everyone a great weekend!
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