July 2016
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Ad Blocking to Cost U.S. Media Owners $12B by 2020
  • Last year, 11.7% of online display ad impressions were blocked in the U.S.
  • Given the growing use of ad blocking, projections for display ad revenues for U.S. media companies in 2020 were revised down to $38.8 billion from earlier forecasts of $50 billion.
  • Data from early this year shows that over 90% of ad blocked impressions are still coming from desktop vs. mobile.
Social Media Is on the Rise, But Not Like You'd Expect 
  • Half of 50,000 survey respondents across 26 countries said they use social media for news, with 12% saying it’s their primary news source.
  • In the U.S., 17% of respondents said their first contact with news in the morning is via their smartphone, while only 6% said the same about print newspapers.
  • While video is booming, the report found many news consumers are “resistant" to watching video because it's quicker to read an article and they don’t want to view ads before watching the news.
Almost 60% of U.S. Newspaper Jobs Vanish in 26 Years
  • Newspaper jobs are rapidly disappearing, down from about 458,000 in 1990 to 183,000 in March 2016, a decline of nearly 60%.
  • During the same time, Internet publishing and online broadcasting jobs jumped from 30,000 to almost 198,000.
  • About 240,000 media jobs are in film and video production, a 162% increase over the past 25 years, while the number of people working in radio broadcasting has decreased by 27% since 1990.
Digital Audiobook Sales Rose 38.9% in 2015
  • Digital audiobook sales jumped almost 40% last year, with overall digital audio bringing in $205.6 million while physical audio fell by 5.7%.
  • About 3.88 million audiobooks were downloaded in 2015 compared with 2.47 million e-books.
  • 2015 publishing industry sales in general fell by 2.6% year over year, but adult books and books from religious presses saw slight increases of 2.2% and 1.2%, respectively.
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