Friday, February 12, 2016
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy publishing industry stories focuses on the new Hearst-Condé Nast back-office venture PubWorx, the hidden costs of publishing to platforms, why publishers are liking changes to Facebook Instant Articles, a new tool The Washington Post developed to optimize content for clicks, and more.
Hearst and Condé Nast offered more details on PubWorx, a new company they formed to jointly manage their production, procurement, and circulation operations, as well as provide custom services to other publishers.

Distributed publishing has some big costs, including staff to manage platforms and package content to fit each channel. And then there's video expertise, analytics, the danger of spreading existing staff too thin, opportunity costs, and more.

Facebook Instant Articles is scoring points with publishers, with changes to the platform adding to their bottom line. Enabling more ads per article is having the biggest impact.

A new Washington Post tool for optimizing content for clicks works similar to A/B testing but goes a step further, letting editors "set and forget."
Infographic of the Week
Women in Media Roundup: This latest installment covers an AMMC panel featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, Melinda Gates’ new role at, Pinterest’s move to promote greater diversity, a new Women’s Health podcast, and more.

This week’s infographic pick highlights trends and best practices along with tips on how to succeed in the highly competitive world of blogging.

Our latest InDesign CC Tip shows you how to access the Publish Online feature from the print and export dialogs.
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