Friday, January 15, 2016
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy publishing industry stories focuses on a new look and editorial focus for Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Meredith's launch of Fit Pregnancy and Baby, how the top tech news sites stack up, why Reuters is now letting other publishers use its video content for free, and more.
Better Homes and Gardens is getting a more modern look and feel, with a greater focus on the magazine's test kitchen and test garden heritage, as well as millennial values like reinvention and entrepreneurship.

Fit Pregnancy and Baby was also unveiled by Meredith, combining its Fit Pregnancy and American Baby titles. The magazine is launching with a rate base of 2 million and an expected multiplatform base of 8.4 million.

Tech news sites pretty much cover the same things in the same way, but there are some big differences among the top names when it comes to traffic, video views, social reach, and demographics.

Reuters TV, the news outlet's video product, is now freely available to other publishers to use on their sites and in their apps—a distribution strategy that's so far paying off.
Infographic of the Week
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