Friday, October 16, 2015
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy publishing industry stories focuses on Cosmopolitan's success on Snapchat Discover, a new Next Issue offering that adds more options for consuming content, an initiative to boost print advertising, Facebook's reported plan to debut a new mobile news app, and more.
Cosmo's Snapchat Discover audience is growing fast, with traffic spiking from 1.8 million readers a day this past summer to more than 3 million today. Sharing is big too: up to 1.2 million of the publisher's Discover articles are shared daily.

Next Issue's Texture is a newly launched offering that lets readers easily access content related to interest or browse by "Collections" and create their own libraries.

Money-back guarantees tied to the performance of ads is a new initiative by the Association of Magazine Media to help members stem the loss of print advertising dollars.

A Facebook mobile news app called Notify is supposedly in the works. It will push breaking news alerts to users who subscribe to a publisher's "station," according to reports.
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Our latest Media Metrics roundup covers consumers' digital media habits, how the mobile web measures up to apps, the percentage of millennials willing to pay for news, and more.

This month’s Women in Media installment covers a recent leadership panel, the Fortune Most Powerful Women list and conference, writing awards, and interviews with media chiefs, among other events.

TFP's Infographic Pick of the Week shows you how to super-charge your mornings for productive, low-stress workdays.

DPS 2015 Tip: The Features List provides feature descriptions with links to help pages and a detailed chart of supported features.
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