March 2016
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Ads on News Sites Gobble Up as Much as 79% of Users' Mobile Data
  • A study found ad content accounted for 18% to 79% of mobile data transferred.
  • JavaScript elements, which publishers often use for ads and visuals like animations, increased use of mobile data by another 6% to 68%.
  • Researchers estimated advertising accounts for about half of all the data used by publisher pages loaded over mobile data networks on the iPhone 6.
Magazines Boost Social Media Audiences 
  • Consumer magazines increased their total social media audience by more than a third in 2015, adding 220 million new likes and followers across major platforms.
  • Instagram was the fastest growing platform for magazines last year, with a 189% increase in followings.
  • Consumer magazines also showed more social activity than all other media, generating 9.5 billion total social actions compared with 7.5 billion for TV and 6.6 billion for online-only media.
Study: Digital Ad Spending to Overtake TV by 2017
  • Mobile ad spending will hit $43.6 billion in 2016, a 38% year-over-year increase. Based on that projection, digital ad spending will surpass TV’s majority share in 2017.
  • Mobile now makes up 63.4% of total digital ad spending. By 2020, it will account for about 70% of total digital ad spending and 32.9% of overall spend.
  • Print magazines will take a 6.8% share of total ad spending in 2016 and only 5.6% by 2020.
Study: Customers (Especially Millennials) Hate When You Fail to Deliver Cross-Device Experiences
  • 66% of users polled said they get frustrated when content isn’t synchronized across their devices.
  • Millennials are the largest cross-device group, with 90% saying they switch devices mid-activity compared with 76% of Gen Xers and 58% of those 55 and older. Overall, 79% move from one device to another during an activity.
  • On average, consumers own 7.2 devices and use 3.1 devices daily.
  • 92% of consumers own smartphones, and 26% own two or more smartphones.
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