January 2016
Check Out Our Top Metrics for Print-Only Newspaper Readers, Media Fragmentation, Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Browsing, and More
Around Half of Newspaper Readers Rely Only on Print Edition
  • About half of print newspaper readers do not access online versions at all.
  • Print is still the money-maker for most newspapers, generating more than three-quarters of their advertising revenue.
  • Print-only readers tend to be local TV viewers and older (mid-50s) versus readers who consume online editions (early to mid-40s).
Here's the Big Story of 2016: Fragmentation 
  • A recent survey found 55% of media buyers and sellers see fragmentation as their biggest concern in 2016. 
  • No other subject received more than 15% of votes.
  • Other areas of focus include ad spending in the 2016 elections and how the new Nielsen rating system will impact ad buying and selling. 
How Mobile Apps Stack Up Against Mobile Browsers
  • 19.6% of survey respondents prefer to use a mobile browser, 23.1% favor mobile apps, and 24.7% have no preference.
  • 28.3% said apps provide a better user experience and more features.
  • 33% said mobile browsing gives them access to everything they need in one place and doesn't require them to install anything new on their device.
Consumers Can't Tell Native Ads From Editorial Content
  • Only 8% of study participants were able to identify native advertising as paid marketing in a recent study.
  • Consumers were seven times more likely to identify a native ad when it was labeled "advertising" or "sponsored content" versus terms like "brand voice" or "presented by."
  • 90% of participants saw ads placed in the middle of the page while only 40% saw ads placed at the top of the page.
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