APRIL 2015
Check Out Our Top Metrics for Messaging App Retention, Magazine Audience Growth, Social Media Preferences, and More
Study: Messaging Apps Get You Hooked, Keep You Coming Back for More
  • Flurry Analytics found that the retention rates of messaging apps were 5.6 times higher than that of the average app after 12 months of use.
  • On average, messaging apps were used 9 times every day, while daily use of an app across all categories was only 1.9 times.
Magazine Media 360 Brand Audience Report Demonstrates Sustainable Industry Growth
  • Magazine media audiences (gross) grew to 1.7 billion in February, a 12.6% increase over 1.5 billion in February last year.
  • Comparing the same period, video and mobile web consumption saw increases of 18% and 78%, respectively. Web (desktop/laptop) was up 6.9%.
Who's Using Which Social Network
  • A Pew study found that Facebook was more popular among Hispanic and white users (73% and 71%, respectively) than African Americans (67%). 
  • Instagram and Twitter ranked higher among African Americans (38% and 27%, respectively) compared with Hispanic (34% and 25%, respectively) and white (21% and 21%, respectively) users.
Study: 69% of Millennials Follow News Daily
  • The Media Insight Project found that 85% of millennials believe that keeping up with news is at least somewhat important, while 69% of those surveyed said they seek out news daily.
  • Some 88% said they regularly get news from Facebook, as well as YouTube (83%), Instagram (50%), and sites like Reddit. To find out more about a topic, 57% reported that they use search and news sites.
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