December 2015
Year in media: We round up some industry reviews and predictions to mark a year of big changes. 

Flipboard holds steady while millions download Apple News and several other news reader apps shut down.

Personalized text messaging may be the alternative to blowing up users' phones with news alerts.

A guide to Slack etiquette offers tips on how to use the popular tool for messaging groups in the workplace.
TV exec Bonnie Hammer is shaking things up at the 10 networks she heads—from the ground up.

Times vet Denise Warren has her work cut out for her: modernizing struggling Tribune Publishing.

Cosmo 100 brought together media and other A-listers to address issues impacting women.

The MediaGuardian 100 included more women than ever before but has a ways to go when it comes to diversity.
Media Metrics: We cover magazine newsstand sales, Apple Watch usage, the effects of hashtags, and more.
DPS 2015 Tip: Learn how to easily select multiple articles, banners, and collections and edit their metadata. 
Your Top Book Picks of 2015: Are you focusing on the topics and trends your peers are reading about? Find out... 855.782.4357
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