Friday, July 31, 2015
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy publishing industry stories covers the official launch of the all-new Adobe Digital Publishing Solution, research that shows modern homepage designs get significantly more pageviews, what publishers are looking for in their content management systems, lessons media companies can learn from Facebook's surge in mobile ad revenue, and more.
Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) launched, offering marketers and editorial/design teams more flexible publishing options and the ability to create mobile apps without coding. Focusing on continuous vs. issue-based publishing, users can better engage audiences with "bite-sized" article updates and content from a variety of sources. 

Modern homepage designs get far more unique pageviews than traditional newspaper designs—a whopping 90% more, according to a new report. Researchers also found that readers recall details of articles on modular-style pages at least 50% more often than viewers of classic homepages.

Content management systems are taking on an increasingly important role in content strategy and monetization, according to a two-part series that looks at the impact of CMS industry consolidation, tight budgets in the publishing business, and open-source systems like Drupal and WordPress.

Facebook's mobile ad "empire" provides lessons for media outlets, one report says: Achieve scale before attempting to monetize, build tools of value to both readers and advertisers, and always consider user experience, keeping ads as "organic" as possible.
Infographic of the Week
Adobe showcased its next-generation Digital Publishing Solution along with a number of pre-release apps at its launch event this week. TFP CEO Margot Knorr Mancini was there and brings you all the highlights!

How the new DPS works. We put together an infographic highlighting the major things you need to know about the product, including steps for building apps and content, project hierarchy, ways to create and organize articles, settings, tips, and more.

Content alone doesn't cut it in today's publishing world, TFP's Margot Knorr Mancini argues in her monthly article. She says while technology is also key, the "secret sauce" is effective process and workflow.

Need some color inspiration? TFP's Mary Lester shares great resources and tools for bringing more pizzazz to your designs.

The new Publish Online feature.lets you view and manage documents uploaded to the Adobe server, copy the URL to share, and post documents directly to Facebook. See this week's InDesign CC Tip!
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