Friday, February 13, 2014
Welcome! This week our roundup of interesting and noteworthy publishing industry stories focuses on how publishers are struggling to make money on mobile, Flipboard's new website and content partnerships, why good content will trump big data in the end, Pinterest's app discovery partnership with Apple, and more.
Mobile traffic and ad revenues are growing fast, but publishers are still trying to figure out how to wrestle some of that away from platforms like Facebook. To help close the gap, media companies are redesigning their sites and apps, turning to mobile-first native advertising, and partnering with popular mobile apps like Snapchat.

Flipboard is launching a website that will give users of its smartphone and tablet news-reading app more options for browsing their feeds and social sites. As part of the effort, the company is striking revenue-sharing content deals with big publishers looking to tap the company's reported 50 million monthly users.

Pinterest's new app discovery partnership with Apple will let smartphone users download apps they find on the social bookmarking site without having to go to the Apple App Store. The idea is to help users more easily find apps that are useful and interesting to them among the 1.4 million apps currently in the Apple store.

Big content vs. big data was the topic of a post this week by the president and CEO of the IAB, who argued that while technology is a "vital underpinning" in the digital media business, in the end, success for both publishers and advertisers will come down to one thing: good content.
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Our Media Metrics roundup brings you the latest figures on mobile Facebook users, time spent in users' top apps, the mobile web vs. mobile apps, Apple's exploding growth, and more.

This week’s infographic pick focuses on survey results highlighting the top success factors and challenges in today's digital marketing world.

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