October 2015
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Report: What Consumers Want from Digital
  • 9 out of 10 survey respondents "multiscreen," although 40% indicated the practice is distracting.
  • 73% said content must load quickly and display well.
  • 46% reported they switch devices when the experience is poor, and 39% stop engaging altogether.
The Mobile Web Is Alive and Well
  • More than 59% of study participants viewed the 30 most-visited sites via a mobile browser, while 60% visited through an app.
  • 61% accessed their mobile browsers at least once a day for an average of 31 minutes.
  • While more than half said they have 40 to 70 apps on their phones, 43% use only four to six a day and 28% use only one to three a day.
Most Millennials Are Willing to Pay for Content, But Not So Much for News
  • 93% of those polled said they consume paid content.
  • However, only 40% said they pay for news products or services.
  • More pay for print magazines (21%) and newspapers (15%) compared with digital magazines (11%) and online newspaper content (10%).
Faceook Messenger Is the 2nd Most Popular App in the U.S.
  • ComScore data on the most popular mobile apps shows Facebook Messenger is second only to Facebook itself.
  • Facebook has a 73.3% reach with the 191.4 million smartphone owners in the U.S., while Messenger has a 59.5% reach.
  • YouTube is the third most popular mobile app with a 59.3% reach.
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