November 2016
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The Political Environment on Social Media
  • 37% of social media users are “worn out” by the volume of political content they see in their feeds, almost twice the number of those who want to see a lot of political information (20%).
  • 59% of social media users view interactions with those who have opposing political views as “stressful and frustrating,” while 35% said such interactions are “interesting and informative.”
  • Half of users believe political discourse on social media is angrier (49%), less respectful (53%), and less civil (49%) than that encountered elsewhere.
Pew: Younger Adults Prefer to Get Their News in Text, Not Video 
  • 46% of U.S. consumers would rather watch the news than read it.
  • That number is considerably lower for those 18 to 29 years old, with only 38% citing video as their preferred news format.
  • A higher percentage of that age group (42%) would rather read text online, while only 19% of young adults prefer listening to news.
Employment Picture Darkens for Journalists at Digital Outlets
  • While newspaper editorial staff numbered 66,490 in 2005, that number dropped to 41,400 by 2015, a 38% decline.
  • In the same period, digital-only publishers expanded staff from 3,410 journalists to 10,580. However, the number of digital-only journalists hired since 2013 has plateaued, with the total number ranging from 10,240 to 10,580 in the past three years.
  • Overall, the number of journalists employed across both print news and digital-only media dropped 26% over the 10-year period: 69,900 in 2005 vs. 51,980 in 2015.
Report: Millennials Driving Change in Marketing Media
  • Millennial marketers at small to midsize businesses spend 58% of their budget on digital media compared with just 14% of their baby boomer counterparts.
  • 41% of millennial marketers said most of their budget is spent on mobile, while only 10% of boomers said the same.
  • 44% of all SMBs depend on social ads for brand awareness, but there’s a big split between millennials and boomers: 68% vs. 27%, respectively.
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