Rhinos Without Borders progress update
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A lot has happened in our Rhinos Without Borders project in the last few months. It really feels as though we are getting critical mass and establishing a routine.

Many of you will recall that we moved our second batch of rhinos last November. It was a tough relocation because we were asked to change the drop locations at the last minute due to security concerns, and very unseasonal heat hampered our endeavors too. We had the usual run of permit issues and delays and while the three rhino arrived in time, it was later in the relocation that I had to make a call and divert the remaining rhino to a “safe house” in Botswana but not in the wild.

Fast-forward 7 months and it was time to take advantage of the cold weather and move the remaining rhino that were “renting a home” at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, onward to their freedom in the Okavango Delta. 

Read the rest of the account and full report here

A partially de-horned white rhino is guided into the transport crate

2016 and onwards

  • Ideally we want to bring our Rhino Monitoring team up to 20 men, with six vehicles between them.
  • We have started discussions with South African National Parks to get our next batch of rhinos and we can afford another 30 now with our present pledges, donations and budget, depending on exchange rates.
  • Our next adventure, or experiment, under consideration is one where we ‘foster care’ orphaned rhinos from poaching incidents. There are a number of babies rescued from their mother’s sides in South Africa who have no future in the wild at all because they cannot learn how to avoid predators from us as humans. But, they might be able to learn these skills from a female that adopts them. We will give it a try and see if a female rhino and an orphaned calf can be introduced and if it takes, this may well be the ONLY hope of introducing those babies back into the wild. More to come…

As the winter sets in here in Botswana, and I look down at the tracks for signs of rhinos, I am filled with the satisfaction that we (collectively) are making this terrible poaching situation of these two species better. Without our intervention, extinction is not just a threat, but also a very short-term reality. For that, we at Rhinos Without Borders, the Great Plains Foundation and I personally, thank you.
26 down, budget for 30 more, 44 to go to reach our target of 100.

Dereck Joubert - CEO
Great Plains Conservation/Great Plains Foundation

WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP: Rhinos Without Borders, a joint project between Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond, has translocated 25 rhinos to safety in Botswana so far, but we still need funds to help us move our target of 100 rhinos.  Please continue to support this project by donating through, or through this pledge form.

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