Quarterly News - Fall 2016
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- help yourself or a loved-one
- know more to empower yourself


- learn about bipolar disorder
- 12 hours of hard-to-find information


Order the 12-hour Sutherland Seminar Series here, and listen to topics on diagnosis, medication management, finding the right therapist for you, relapse prevention, and much more.


- audio downloads
- buy all 8 sessions or just the ones you want
- only $10 each

I think what the Sutherland Center does so well is education....

Last summer, our pro bono psychiatrist, Dr. Gregg Olsen,
spoke about psychoeducation:

"Psychiatrists can do education during the course of an appointment. But an eight week Seminar Series... it’s invaluable for many clients to help them understand their illness and understand how to treat it, to help them come to terms that they have the illness.

What I always encourage people is that I’ve never seen anybody that we’ve not been able to successfully treat. The more difficult thing is to successfully maintain somebody. Once they’re on a good treatment regimen, they stick with that consistently. The Sutherland Center-- its big strength is on education, and I think psychoeducation is so important.

A lot of calls that I’ll get are from family members saying, 'How do we best support them? What is it that we can do?' If I could spend eight weeks, an hour and a half a week, so 12 hours…? I barely get 15 minutes to educate a patient in one appointment. And again that’s based on their financial resources. The Sutherland Center makes it more accessible to more people, and probably for people who need the most education, again because they have limited resources."

Listen to a 3-minute audio clip here....

Spotlight on the Sutherland Center
Why Psychoeducation?

By Dr. Alisha Brosse
Sutherland Center Associate Director

Two newsletters ago I wrote about our Sutherland Seminar Series, an 8-week program to better educate people about bipolar disorder. Now you are hearing us talk about our recently launched “on demand” format of the seminar series. You may be wondering:  Why all this focus on psychoeducation? [Read more]
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