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Regal touch to the inauguration of research hub Neo

The Neo research facility is the latest addition to Campus Flemingsberg, with space for around 400 researchers from four Karolinska Institutet bodies. Sweden’s Princess Christina Magnusson cut the ceremonial ribbon during a gala opening ceremony.

Curiosity took him from the lab to the stock market

Mathias Svahn is a CEO who still collects the mail and makes the coffee, even as he ranks among the highflyers leading the development of drugs of the future. Curiosity has taken him from the lab to the helm of a listed company. And it all started with a pregnancy.

Companies on Campus: Inhalation Sciences Sweden

“Inhalation Sciences Sweden develops and commercializes world-leading instruments for research into how particles in inhaled air affect our lungs and thereby our health,” says Lena Heffler, CEO of Inhalation Sciences.

Follow our CEO Björn Varnestig vlogging

Don´t miss our Youtube Channel where you can follow Björn Varnestig, CEO Flemingsberg Science, comment on work and development. Also new to our site: latest instagrams on the hashtags #campusflemingsberg and #flemingsbergscience

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