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Cecilia Bergh and Per Södersten awarded Royal Patriotic Society medal

Cecilia Bergh and Per Södersten have been awarded the Royal Patriotic Society medal for their services to research. After many years’ research into eating behaviour and satiation at Karolinska Institutet, the pair founded the Mando Group that successfully treats and cures eating disorders.

“Mando gave us our lives back”

The successful treatment of an eating disorder can mean the difference between life and death. Something that patients and their relatives at the Mandometer Clinic in Flemingsberg know all too well.

New premises with room for 900 police students

The new premises for the police education at Södertörn University, Campus Flemingsberg, is getting ready. In the new house there is everything from shooting lanes and exercise halls to the classrooms and a garage. About 900 lockers are ready for students who can now gather on one and the same campus. (In Swedish)

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