Welcome to mesh. 
mesh network
"A type of network where each node must not only capture and disseminate its own data, but also serve as a relay for other sensor nodes, that is, it must collaborate to propagate the data in the network."

Welcome to mesh. 

This rather apt definition was taken from Wikipedia, which is itself probably humanity's largest and most successful experiment in the power of the mesh. 

We think the concept of mesh networking, that it relies on peer-to-peer interaction and engagement, is an apt description for our new network for young nonprofit professionals. It's not about the organization you work for. It's not about your boss, your board, or your funder. It's about you. It's about me. It's about us. People who are engaged in nonprofit work and are looking for ways to connect, to share, to learn.

So it's real. It's here. It has a name (and thankfully it's not an acronym - et bientôt en français aussi) and it's building momentum. 

We'd like to thank you for your support, encouragement and participation as we have worked toward the creation of this network. We are excited by the possibiities and the many paths that lie before us. 

Merci et bonne fin de semaine! 

Amanda Mayer & Lee Rose

So what's next? 

National Summit
At our inaugural networking social on June 21, we announced that the Muttart Foundation has generously granted mesh $5,000 to allow young nonprofit professionals from the national capital region to participate in the National Summit for the Charitable and Nonprofit Sector that is taking place in Ottawa in November. We are working with a committee made up of representatives from the Muttart Foundation, and Imagine Canada to develop application guidelines and a review process for an open call for submissions of interest for young nonprofit professionals who are interested in participating in this important national conversation about our sector. More information on this front will be made available in early July.

As part of the National Summit, mesh will be hosting a networking cocktail reception that will bring together young nonprofit leaders from across the country. This networking reception will be open to all, even if you are not attending the National Summit. Details on rsvp to come.

For more information on the National Summit, shoot an e-mail over to Amanda Mayer

Creating mentormatch
One of the areas of opportunity that was expressed in our initial survey earlier this year, was in the area of mentoring and mentorship opportunities. To that end, we are exploring the creation of a mentor/mentoring directory that would facilitate the matching of individuals who are willing and able to be mentors, with those who are looking to benefit from mentorship. We would like to enlist the support of five or six individuals who would like to help us explore what mentormatch will look like. If you are interested, please contact Lee Rose by e-mail.
We've got the domain name, we're squatting on a twitter account and that's about it. We're looking for people who want to help get the mesh network's online presence up and running. Let us know if you're able to help out.  If you are interested, please contact Lee Rose by e-mail. 

mesh avatar

Networking Social Update

More than 60 people attended our inaugural networking social last week at the Armada Lounge. Thanks so much to everyone who attended. Special thanks to Leah Eustace and Good Works for sponsoring the event and providing the delicious appetizers. We'd also like to recognize the following people for their time and effort in helping to plan and put on the event:

Fran Childs
Lesley Abraham
Elizabeth Rodgers
Sarah Posthuma
Genvieve Gazaille

Pictures of the event can be found on our Facebook Page.

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