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Issue #23 - August 16th, 2013



You've got to check this out. Bruce Hauman has put together a playable version of Dots using Clojurescript and core.async. It is a beautiful example of the power behind bringing Clojure to the browser. If you only read one article this week, this should be it.

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This article is a tutorial on writing an emulator for a little microprocessor called the e-4917.

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Code & Libraries

frak transforms collections of strings into regular expressions for matching those strings. The primary goal of this library is to generate regular expressions from a known set of inputs.

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This presentation is a look at a graph algorithms and visualization library, Loom, which is written in Clojure.

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Chas Emerick explains how to implement multi-factor authentication, role-based authorization and phishing prevention with Friend.

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Paul Biggar shares his experience using clj-v8 and Dieter, two Clojure tools integrated with JavaScript V8 engine, to create web applications in Clojure.

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Nippy is an attempt to provide a reliable, high-performance drop-in alternative to the reader.

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A Clojure library for generating streams of events based on stochastic state machines.

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Graphics & Games

A step-by-step tutorial through the process of writing a game of Tetris in Clojure.

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Yet another Clojure implementation of the Boids algorithm.

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This article is a literate version of Rich Hickey's Clojure ants simulator. The page is generated from a hybrid code/documentation file found here.

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The incredibly handy Clojure Cheatsheet, updated for Clojure 1.5 and packaged into an easy, fast, searchable, offline form (in Emacs).

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Machine Learning

This post implements a simple reinforcement learning simulation. Reinforcement learning is the branch of AI that studies agents embedded in environments that learn to behave through repeated interactions with the environment.

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N-dimensional Matrix / Vector maths API for Clojure.

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Clojure Cup is a distributed programming competition for Clojure and ClojureScript programmers from all over the world, in the spirit of Rails Rumble and Node Knockout.

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This isn't Clojure specific, but I bet you'll like this list programming style guide from Peter Norvig in 1993.

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