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Issue #27 - October 18th, 2013


Prismatic shares their thoughts on what data structures to use when. If you're unsure when you should defrecorddeftype, or reify this thoughtful article lays out pros and cons of each.

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What are reducers and why should you use them? Kevin Downey tells us that "reducers make data parallelism easy".

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A beautiful post on how to write in-browser pong using core.async.

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Drawing raindrops on html5 canvas with clojurescript and core.async. Check out the demo.

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Adam Bard discusses the tradeoffs in core.typed vs. Haskell.

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Logan Campbell compares the code size of Game of Life between Haskell, Plain Clojure, Typed Haskell, Scala, and Typed Clojure. It turns out, Typed Clojure is the longest of the group. Click through to read Logan's thoughts!

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Code & Libraries

Dibble is a library to programmatically generate dummy data.

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Earlier this year factual released drake", an open source data workflow tool. As the quip goes, data science is 1% machine learning and 99% ETL. Aaron and team have extended drake with a plugin system so now its easy to extend the tool.

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HTML 5 Pac-Man written in ClojureScript.

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"I used to curse the name webworkers. They brought gifts of speed at the cost of complexity. Servant is different, it doesn't sacrifice simplicity or efficiency."

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Gary Fredericks discusses macros, what they are, how to write good ones, when to use them and when to avoid using them.

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Antoni Batchelli discusses building an automated infrastructure in Clojure.

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Christophe Grand describes how to use ^:once in your macros to prevent unexpected memory leaks.

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