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Issue #9 - April 5th, 2013


Leonardo Borges talks about the paper "Why calculating is better than scheming". In a nutshell, this paper is a critique to Abelson and Sussman’s classic textbook SICP.

by @leonardo_borges

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Clojure makes a distinction between futures and promises. In this article Tomasz Nurkiewicz discusses the differences between the two.

by @tnurkiewicz

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A handy intro to tail call optimization in Clojure using loop and recur.

by @pcalcao

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Code & Libraries

ClojureWerkz Money is a tiny Clojure library for working with money and currencies.

by @clojurewerkz

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A port of selected examples from Practical Common Lisp to Clojure. The purpose of this port is to explore the intersection between Lisp and Clojure's signature features: access to the JVM and a functional programming style base on immutable collections.

by @stuarthalloway

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Nightweb connects your Android device to an anonymous, peer-to-peer social network. You can write posts and share photos, and your followers will retrieve them using BitTorrent running over the I2P anonymous network. It's written in Clojure.

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Neko is a toolkit designed to ease Android development with Clojure. It adds Clojure support to your Android project and provides functional wrappers and alternatives to Android’s Java API.

by @deepbluelambda

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It is useful for writing on-the-fly high performance code, writing programming languages, or simply for exploring new how code performs on different platforms. Internally, Mjolnir wraps the LLVM library. It then provides several layers of abstractions on top of LLVM.

by @halgari

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clojure-metal is an implementation of Clojure that can be easily embeded into native applications or run stand-alone on proprietary devices.

by @halgari

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Logic & Monads

Mímir is an rule engine written in Clojure. The example projects include an impressive pong-playing demo.

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In this tutorial, Chris Houser compares the tradeoffs between using macros or monads.

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The folks at ZenRobotics have hooked up an industrial robot to a Clojure REPL. They've got some fantastic videos of the machine in action!

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Machine Learning

nurokit is a toolkit for machine learning in Clojure. It features: a general purpose API for machine learning algorithms, neural networks, and visualisation tools.

by @nuroko

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Stefan Arentz has put together a sweet-looking web app that shows the departure times of street cars in Toronto. It looks like a great project that uses a combination of Angular.js, Ring, Compojure, Chesire and clj-http.

by @satefan

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RefHeap is a lightweight Clojure pastebin that uses Pygments & MongoDB.

by @Raynes

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We are hiring Clojure developers, and are especially interested in hiring someone with a background in Clojure and distributed systems. This position will be about 90% Clojure software engineering.

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