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Issue #16 - June 7th, 2013


My Clojure Workflow, Reloaded

Stuart Sierra talks about his Clojure workflow.

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Concurrency in Clojure by @doppioslash
A great overview of the various concurrency tools available in Clojure. This article covers refs / vars / atoms / agents and more.

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Watch & Listen

Amit Rathore shares advice in building large scale applications in Clojure, making sure the code is readable and maintainable.

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Meta-ex is a group that plays live-coding electronic music. They use Emacs, Clojure, and Overtone.

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A little language for machines with Speech Acts inspired by Elephant 2000. The parser uses the wonderful Clojure Instaparse library. The language aims to have syntactically sugared "speech acts" that the machine uses as inputs and outputs.

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Wisp is homoiconic JS dialect with a clojure syntax, s-expressions and macros. One of the nice things about it is that it compiles to human-readable javascript.

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A simple bridge to ClojureScript's persistent data structures and supporting APIs for vanilla JavaScript.

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ClojureHomePage is a Compojure based web framework

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Vertigo allows you to treat raw bytes like a normal Clojure data structure.

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VMFest is a PalletOps project to turn VirtualBox into a light-weight cloud provider.

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Ensemble is a jobs distribution and orchestration as a library for Clojure

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Bluemont Labs is seeking a few Clojure developers to build tools for Bluemont Labs. We’ll be using Clojure, Storm, Riak, Kafka, AWS and lots more. Projects will involve distributed data processing, machine learning, natural language processing, search, web services, and web applications.

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DRW is looking for an outstanding Senior Software Engineer with a background or strong interest in Clojure, JRuby and other JVM languages to join our team. We're looking for polyglot programmers that take an active interest in software craftsmanship and finding better ways to code. We're looking for talented software engineers, not specific industry experience. With that being said, previous experience working in the trading/financial industry is not required.

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