Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is placing Christian apologetics clubs at universities both nationally and internationally. Bringing together faith and reason in order to establish the intellectual voice of Christ in the University, Ratio Christi is engaging in the battle for the mind of Christians and skeptics alike. We unashamedly defend the veracity of God, the Bible, and Christ’s resurrection.
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Ratio Christi is Now Hiring Apologists!

Earlier today, Ratio Christi’s Board of Directors approved a “Supported Missionary Model” that will allow Ratio Christi chapter directors to build a team of supporters for their work as full-time or part-time chapter directors at university campuses. “This program has been in the works for several months,” said Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi. “We believe that the time is right and there is a significant level of interest to build support for apologists/missionaries on college campuses. Everyone with significant apologetics training is encouraged to check out this opportunity. We would like to employ hundreds of apologists that would be interested in running a Ratio Christi chapter at a university in the United States,” said Schenker.

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Chasing Away the White Elephant in the Room

"We MUST double the number of students getting an M.A. in Apologetics" Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

Ratio Christi is deploying apologists to grassroots assignments all over the country. They are putting “boots on the ground” at universities throughout the nation. Their biggest need is more trained apologists. Prior to Ratio Christi’s emergence on the scene of the apologetics movement, there was a “white elephant” standing in the room of almost every Masters level apologetics class. No one wanted to mention it, but it was on everyone's mind. The white elephant was the question, “What am I going to do with all this training once I am finished?”

The big problem is that churches are not hiring apologists and jobs working for some of the major apologetics ministries are few and hard to obtain. There is always the possibility of starting a new ministry and finding speaking engagements, but that doesn’t look too promising for most.  Though there are more and more trained apologists it is hard to fathom what to do with all this training except to get a regular job and hope for some kind of opportunity to come along like teaching Sunday School or offering a course for a local church.

A new front in the apologetics movement is helping change that. In God's perfect timing, a small ministry called Ratio Christi started establishing apologetics clubs on university campuses. One requirement is that each club needs a trained apologist to be the chapter leader. Over the past couple years, apologists from all over the country have been excited about the opportunity to use their training—even if it was only a “tent-maker” opportunity. After incorporating in February 2011, the number of Ratio Christi chapters has more than tripled even though there was no opportunity for financial compensation.

With a plan of opening apologetics clubs at over 500 universities in the next five years, Ratio Christi started to search for a way to give these trained apologists an opportunity to go into a full-time apologetics ministry.  On August 15, 2011, Ratio Christi launched a “supported missionary” program so that anyone with (or working on) a Masters degree in apologetics has an opportunity to serve as a chapter director at a university. Similar to the model developed by many missionary organizations, apologists will need to build a team of supporters to cover the entire cost of a local Ratio Christi ministry—including the cost for their own compensation. . . .

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Biola Professor Clay Jones Joins Ratio Christi Board

Clay Jones is an Associate Professor of the Masters in Christian Apologetics program at Biola University.  His presence on the Board of Ratio Christi continues to open doors for Ratio Christi to recruit some of the best trained apologists in the U.S. "Clay will be instrumental in making sure that every student at Biola knows about the Ratio Christi opportunity, which will help us toward our goal of opening 500 plus Ratio Christi chapters in the next five years,” said Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi. We are honored to have Professor Jones on team Christi. Welcome!

Biola Student Intern

"In March of 2011, I heard Rick Schenker interviewed on Apologetics315. He was sharing about the mission of Ratio Christi. It caught my attention because he was asking for trained apologists to help start apologetics clubs at large secular universities. I happen to live near Rutgers University in New Jersey and love college kids. I emailed him, explaining about my background and my training at Biola and my interest in the ministry. We met a few weeks later and I committed to be Chapter Director at the new Ratio Christi at Rutgers. God has been confirming His intentions to me by providing two student officers and also a faculty advisor," said Julie Miller, a Biola University student who is studying to get her Masters in Christian Apologetics. The hours she puts in for Ratio Christi will be counted for academic credit. Read more on the story here

Partnership Spotlight: Reasons to Believe

Ratio Christi has formed a working partnership with several ministries. We are honored that one of these partnerships is with Reasons to Believe. Being such an influential and well-established ministry, Reasons to Believe is able to provide Ratio Christi with trained apologists that may either become a Ratio Christi chapter director at a university, or work with an existing chapter director. They are also a great resource for speakers at campus events sponsored by Ratio Christi chapters. By partnering with Ratio Christi, Reasons to Believe has another outlet for ministry to university campuses. As part of this partnership, Ratio Christi provides the vital small group follow-up that is needed after a speaking event. Visit Reasons to Believe here.
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