Doggie Do-Rite Day Care June Newsletter

June 2012

We hope you all had an enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend!  It sure was hot enough and the dogs that stayed with us were able to spend their days lounging and splashing in the pool! Yep I said it they were in the pool which means it’s open and ready to go so please remember to put a towel in your car in case your dog is still damp at pick up time. If you would like your dog to be dry by a certain time please let us know when you drop him/her off in the morning.

With summer upon us we would like to remind you to make boarding reservations for your dog as soon as you can. We are filling up already and want to make sure we have room for your pup(s) while you enjoy your summer vacation(s).

Tick season is here!
We’ve had many reports of ticks found on dogs and people already. Please remember to use a tick/flea preventative and make sure to check your dogs for ticks regularly.  We do sell Tick Spoons here and they are so easy to use, make sure to stop in get one or a couple as it’s nice to have some extras around.

****** REMINDER ******
Daycare will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. We hope you all have a very fun and safe holiday week/weekend!

Breed of the Month - NEW
Please note that the breed showcase is for your entertainment only and Doggie Do Rite is not trying to represent or persuade anyone towards one particular breed. The breeds will be selected at random and we of course welcome all of your breed suggestions.

Mountain Cur
Mountain Curs are the ultimate companions and family dogs. They are highly intelligent, have great temperaments, are very loyal, and are great with small children. Curs are known as some of the best hunting dogs in the world. Their unequaled scenting abilities, stamina and strong willingness to please enable them to excel as hunters, guard dogs, and family dogs. The Curs are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and belong to the Scenthound Group. The Cur coat colors range from blue, yellow to brindle coloration with short hair which requires minimal grooming. They have an average life span of 12-14 years and weigh between 45 – 95 pounds.
>> More information
* Information courtesy of Wikipedia and Dog Breed Info Center.  

We would also like to remind you to check out your local shelters and rescue groups when it is time for you to add a dog/puppy to your family.  There aren’t many things more rewarding then the love and appreciation you receive from them.

Welcome to Our Newest Arrivals!
We are happy to have these dogs join our happy group.

  • Sadie Brandt
  • Shea Carey
  • Arthur Collins
  • Lola Glowacki
  • Rosie Goodspeed
  • Achilles and Rigby Lavarone
  • Spike Lawrence
  • Zeus and Ruby Doo Russ
  • Muffy Samuel
  • Tzahi Stern
  • Teddy Weaver
  • Benny Wilson
  • Brandy Ziemann – Ottlinger

We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the following dogs:

June Birthdays
  • Brody Boyer               
  • Rudy Jaracz               
  • Skyler Wald               
  • Nikki Wenk               
  • Crystal Congbalay           
  • Bandit Coakley           
  • Avery Reimann           
  • Macey Slawin               
  • Tucker Leahy               
  • Casey DeCorrevont           
  • Murphy Cucannan
  • Daisy Collins
  • Bandit Hayes
  • Coconut Witzig
  • Ellie Santiago
  • Casey Erens
  • Trent Albright
  • Sweetness Schwartz
  • Ty London
  • Jazzmine Nixon
  • Spike Lawrence
  • Eunice & Gianni Bofman
  • Maia Masloski
  • Brandy Ziemann - Ottlinger
  • Dayton Miehl
  • Cody Paleczny
  • Lambeau Stoneburner
Did we miss anyone??? Let us know.

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