Doggie Do-Rite Day Care July/August Newsletter

July/August 2012

Wow! What a busy summer this has been and it’s almost over! Where did the time go? Hopefully you’ve all had a great summer so far and have been able to find ways to beat the miserable heat. The dogs have been “living” in the pool. We have seen some of our dogs that really don’t like the pool sneak in there to cool their toes off too. We’re not going to say we’re ready for fall yet, but some cooler weather wouldn’t hurt!

School starts in just a couple weeks which means a lot of running around and busy days ahead for you and the kids. We would like to remind you that daycare is a good outlet for your dog to release some of the extra energy they tend to build up when we get too busy to exercise them. Remember, a tired dog is a good dog!

Daycare will be closed on Monday Sept, 3rd for Labor Day.  We hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday! 

Breed of the Month - Schipperke
The Schipperke is a small and energetic Belgian dog that was used to chase vermin on the canal boats of Flanders. They are a lively, intelligent breed that makes for a very affectionate family pet.  The Schipperke has a shiny coat that is thick and harsh, and stands up around the neck to create a ruff. Their exercise needs are moderate, trainability is high although they can be a bit stubborn and the life expectancy is between 12-14 years. They are on the smaller side weighing in at 7-18 lbs and standing (at the wither) at 10-13 inches. There are no common hereditary health problems.
Please note that the breed showcase is for your entertainment only and Doggie Do Rite is not trying to represent or persuade anyone towards one particular breed.
The breeds will be selected at random and we of course welcome all of your breed suggestions.

We would also like to remind you to check out your local shelters and rescue groups
when it is time for you to add a dog/puppy to your family. There aren’t many things more rewarding then the love and appreciation you receive from a rescue dog.

Welcome to Our Newest Friends
We are so happy to have these dogs join our group!

  • Lizzy Altmin
  • Coco Boeke
  • Boone Burti
  • Rocky & Simba Clar
  • Finn Costello-Milton
  • George & William Dannenfeldt
  • Jacki D'Orazi
  • Jake Farley
  • Milo & White Sox Goulding
  • Carlie Kaplan
  • Cooper Kessler
  • Snowy Kolak
  • Andie Marqui
  • Bailey & Holly Pardo
  • Philly Paul
  • Buddy Piotrowski
  • Wyatt Riggs
  • Wrigley Sondheimer
  • Piper Steiner
  • Sonny Watson
  • Kirby Weiss

We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the following dogs:

July Birthdays
  • Bosun Schmidt            
  • Bisquit Bohn            
  • Krypto Shade             
  • Cooper Sandridge                    
  • Duke Barrett            
  • Vinny Caras            
  • Cody Bauwens            
  • Scout O’Toole    
  • Zeus Russ
  • Betty Boop Bowe
  • Kayla Gatziolis
  • Collins Gibson
  • Dusty White
  • Jersey Serota
  • Emmie Rosenbaum
  • Skippy Jones
  • Jazmyn Clesen    
  • Tzahi Stern
  • Shadow Walton
  • Lizzy Altmin    
  • Spencer Ruderman
  • Rio Parsons
  • Wrigley Lindquist
  • Peanut Nowak  
August Birthdays
  • Ivy Incandela        
  • Jimmy Ahlering        
  • River Devlin
  • Rocky Hartemayer    
  • Wrigley Sondheimer        
  • Bella Turf
  • Rosie Goodspeed    
  • Scout George            
  • Sophie Lusardi
  • Honey Goldsmith    
  • P-mart & Tramp Hampton    
  • Coco Boeke
  • Rikki Robinson    
  • Rudder Foley            
  • Ruby Doo Russ
  • Seamus Tracy        
  • William Dannenfeldt        
  • Sabrina Tragos
  • Joey Behrens        
  • Arthur Collins            
  • Bailey Pardo
  • Fizz Sobel        
  • Jasmine Siegel            
  • Remme Shanahan
  • Carl Rude        
  • Milo Jakacki
Happy Birthday to you!  Did we miss anyone?
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