Doggie Do-Rite Day Care April/May Newsletter

April/May 2012

We had an amazing and busy spring break with all of our 4-legged overnight guests!  We hope all of you that were able to get away had wonderful vacations and got some well deserved R&R!

As you can see we are making some changes and one of them is to our very old and outdated newsletter.  We are finally making it into the 21st century and learning how to use the internet and email to our advantage. We hope you enjoy the new look and we are always open to suggestions/comments.

Family Fun
Here’s something fun for you and your family to do with your pup AND it’s for a good cause, Bark in the Park is a 5K Walk for the Animals and is hosted by the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago. It will be held on Saturday May 5th at 9am in Montrose Harbor, for more information please visit their website,  

Tick season is here!
We’ve had many reports of ticks found on dogs and people already. Please remember to use a tick/flea preventative and make sure to check your dogs for ticks regularly.  We do sell Tick Spoons here and they are so easy to use, make sure to stop in get one or a couple as it’s nice to have some extras around.

As a reminder daycare will be closed on Monday May, 28th for Memorial Day.  We hope you all have a very fun and safe holiday weekend!

Breed of the Month - NEW
We are going to showcase a different dog breed each month. Some you may be familiar with some you may have never heard of. We love to learn about the different breeds and who knows maybe you’ll find your next canine companion through our showcase. 

We would also like to remind you to check out your local shelters and rescue groups when it is time for you to add a dog/puppy to your family. There aren’t many things more rewarding then the love and appreciation you receive from a rescue dog.
Welcome to Our Newest Friends
We are happy to have these dogs join our group.

  • Mabel Pappas
  • River Devlin
  • Deke Erickson
  • Belle Fogarty
  • MJ Frank
  • Sparky Herstein
  • Wrigley Lindquist

We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the following dogs:

April Birthdays

  • Holbus Iskalis
  • Stella Jakacki
  • Gus Kennedy
  • Slugger Liebman
  • Bailey Kontny
  • Bear Moles
  • Wrigley Perlman
  • Bindi Pyke
  • Sadie Woodrow
  • Dakota Chalmers
  • Willow Geraghty
  • Nelly Ullrich
May Birthdays
  • BJ Lokaj
  • Buddy Heintzleman
  • Boo Altschuler
  • Shasta Lyster
  • Bizzy Satter
  • Louie Elowe
  • Ember Bull
  • Chloe Rubin
  • Murphy Dolan
  • Moxie Coogan
  • Dodger Sanden
  • Bo Leiser
  • Sunny Rosenmutter
  • Lucy Kochvar
  • Sofie Hirsch
  • Kelev Elfant
  • Gus Sotter
  • RJ Lupfer
  • Charlie Fishman
  • Eloise Sarasin
  • Cooper Gerbec
  • Shelby Werhane
  • Gidgett Paluch
  • Lola Gibson
  • Bo Reisenbigler

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