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What's a digestive enzyme?
Digestive enzymes are necessary to break down, ie digest, food. Don't cats do this already, you may ask? Well, not if they do not have something they can digest. Are we talking about when cats eat weird things, like a toy or wrapper? Well, no, actually, digestive enzymes are necessary for the animal to digest their own food that we feed them.
    Ever wonder what causes your cat to vomit after a meal, be super thin despite increased food consumption, have chronic diarrhea despite multiple treatments and food changes for sensitive stomach issues? Did you know that cats need digestive enzymes even when they are not having these symptoms? Check out this link to learn why.
   Our rescue group gives digestive enzymes to our rescue cats to keep their health up to par while waiting for adoption. As we are aiding in the animals overall wellbeing prior to adoption, we are supporting your future adopted cats health in the long run. 

   Are you a super sleuth about animal health? We thought some of you might be, so we are including this link for a more indepth look at the importance the digestive process in the overall functioning of our animals health.

Christmas came early for this cat...

Lily is a 5 year old female cat was was returned to our group Thanksgiving 2010 after 3 years of living in her adoptive home. We featured Lily in our  May 2011newsletter upon her return to our group. We featured her story because it was the height of kitten season at the time and we were promoting the adoption of adult cats since they are overlooked during the rush of kitten season. Lily had nursed her baby kittens until they all found homes, so she knew too well how kittens get adopted and adult cats take much longer to find a  home. Lily has been looking for a home for the past year, going to adoption events each month, and patiently waiting again. On December 3rd, during our $5 Felines Adoption event in Battle Creek's Petco store, a 10 year old girl walked up to Lily and asked why she was at the event. This little girl went on to tell our rescue volunteers that she likes when adult cats find a home, because they are cats that need a home too, and "everybody adopts kittens", what's wrong with an adult cat. We thanked this little girl for seeing the bigger picture of the rescue world and some of the challenges that adult cats face. Lily seemed to know there was something special about this girl too and turned herself around in her crate to receive more head and belly rubs from her. Her family came to look at Lily then and seemed to know right off the bat that this was the cat for them. The other cats at the event were looked at too by this family, younger cats even, and they said "no, no, we want Lily".
Lily found her true forever home that day and will be spending it with a warm lap, loving kids, and holiday gifts made just for her.


 outfor his his.s. schievchie Mmik  Mike has spots of dark orange along his sides! Meet baby Mike, brother to Ike. Mike is a handsome looking kitty with lots of loving to give you. A year and a half old. Mike is quite a character and you will find him posing in the most unique ways just to get your attention and love. Mike was born in a home and has been raised around kids, dogs, and cats.   He looks out for his brother Ike, and guides him, they really rely on each other and do everything together, even calling out for the other one. Mike is quite the mischievious little fella who finds challenges his job to figure out, like how to open up cabinets, and turn door knobs!

We would like to give a special thanks to the adopter of Mike and Ike's mother, Cheddars, who handmade the knitted cat hats seen in Mike and Ike's photos. After Cheddars mom made one for her, we quickly received knitted hats and scarves for our foster kitties!


A daredevil of a cat and amuses himself and people with his acrobatics, lightning fast speed, and reving up his engine as he spins around corners! Sometimes he fishtails it around a corner when he has alot of kitten speed built up, and he loves it! Ike is  1 1/2 years old boy, with all the true spirit of "boyhood", who is filled with laughter, light, and love. He is an all around playful and jolly little tyke who loves to be held and snuggled with. Ike has an adventurous demeanor and loves to find things to entertain himself with. Ike has been raised in a home with kids, dogs, and other cats. Ike relies on his brother Mike still to this day and ever since they were babies. This is an extremely bonded pair of cats that must be adopted and kept together. They do everything together.


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