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Buki has the heart of a survivor. She is our featured adoptable cat and here is her story! Today Buki is loving, strong and beautiful. Her story was not always so bright. She was put out on the streets to fend for herself after becoming pregnant. She gained a fear of dogs who would chase her from yards, and had to defend herself from other cats on the streets to protect herself and her soon to be born kittens. Buki delivered her 6 kittens only to be captured and put in a high kill shelter by animal control. She and her 6 one week old kittens were rescued on their last hour. She overcame the adversity to become one of the best momma kitties we have ever seen and her kittens are all in great homes. Buki however, had some lessons to teach us in foster care. We could not figure out why she would prefer to use a shower or sink rather than a litter box. After much research we found some long haired cats actually prefer to stand - well duh. So, we took a 30 gal high sided Tupperware tub and put a hole in the front removed the lid and she has not had a mistake since, that has been about 9 months. She happily stands in her new big box to use the potty. Learn something new everyday.

Like most survivors, Buki exhibits empathy for those less strong then her. She plays very nicely and cares for the younger cats in foster with her. She does not care for cats that challenge her for her position she fought so hard to get. She is afraid of dogs. She would like a forever home and has so much love to give, she loves to be petted, she will sit with you and lay with you, she will be a very loyal companion watching out for you, only expecting that someone might actually do the same for her. If you could provide a home without dogs, other cats are fine if young or very submissive or an only pet house hold, Please contact us about Buki.

Buki is currently being fed an all raw food diet , check out bravorawdiet.com or feline-nutrition.org for more information on the benefits of doing so for your own animals too. We like to keep our foster cats healthy and in tip top shape while they are waiting for an adoptive home and , of course, a healthier cat makes for less vet expense too! She has been combo test and is negative for FIV/FELV/Heartworms. She has had a fecal check, shots, dewormed, and spayed. She is very polite about her nails and uses a scratching post like a good girl. Here eyes are such a light shade of blue that they do not photograph, well but they are a beautiful crystalline blue.For more information or to complete an adoption application contact faerietalescatrescue@yahoo.com. Our adoption form is also online at: http://www.faerietales.org/adoption/adoption-form.html. Buki is being fostered in Jackson MI .

Amazing weekend adoption event! Oct 20/21 from 12-4 each day at Petsmart in Jackson!

Back by popular demand, we re-present to you a home made recipe for getting rid of a cat pee smell.

If your kitty is not making it to the litter box like he or she should, please have a vet examine your cat! Do not wait!

Having said that, one reason that cats will return to a location (as a litter box is meant to be) to urinate is if the area still smells. No, they are not being oppositional and out to take over the world by peeing as they will, wherever their fancy strikes them at the moment. Cleaning the soiled area with a product that gets rid of the ammonia smell is paramount to getting rid of the odor in the first place. And, by the way, bleach won't do it. There are some store bought products you will want to use instead, Nature's Miracle or OxyClean.
 We bring to you....wait for it...drum roll please....The No More Pee Smell Recipe!
This homemade solution is a combination of the following ingredients. 1/4 cup Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/2 cup Baking Soda, 1 teaspoon liquid soap.  Special tip from Sharon is to mix these ingredients in a container with some extra room, some bubbling and fizzing will make this recipe expand, and could save you from an accidental overflow alert.

Another tip is to sprinkle a layer of baking soda at the bottom of your cat's litter box, put the litter on top and Whala! Instant odor reducer without the toxic fragrances that some litters come pre equipped with. Also keeps litter from sitcking to the bottom of the litter pan.

Article contributed by our volunteer Sharon! 

Our Spay Neuter Program is up and running!

Email us today for an application for our spay and neuter program to be emailed or mailed out to your home. We generally try to work with your current vet, but if too cost prohibitive for us, we will select a vet office to perform the surgery for your cat. $20 for females, $15 for males. Two cats per household. Can be strays, owned, feral, you name it, we just want to fix cats! If you would like to donate toward this program to keep funds running to be able to help cats, you may do so through our paypal link on our website.

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