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We are a network charity partner with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary!

As a partner with Best Friends, we are participating in a nation wide Back in Black adoption promotion! There are many benefits to adopting a black cat. Most importantly, they are overlooked by potential adopters. For this reason, we are highlighting black cat adoptions! Don't have a black cat yet? We sure don't want you to miss out on their unique personalities, sleek appearance, and good luck that they will bring you. Check out some of our adoptable black cats that are part of this promotional event:   Spyder   Snap   Misha   Titus   Sunflower  Dalilah  Jake  Darwin  R.J.

What makes our group different?

In our July newsletter, we shared our experience of using flower essences to help with our rescue animals emotional well being. This month, we want to introduce you to a new method of healing, Coconut! Perhaps you have seen this mysterious substance on the grocery store shelf and wondered "who buys that stuff", or "that must be one of those hard to find ingredients in a recipe that I will never make". Upon a recent vet visit we had with a holistic vet, the benefits of coconut were explained to be a natural way to fight viral and bacterial disease. This was recommended for one of our rescue kitties, Titus, that has been battling chronic upper respiratory problems. In addition to some way cool Chinese herbal remedies, coconut milk was offered to this cat to lap up. We are happy to say that this kitty is finally making improvements in their health. Thank you Coconut! And did you know that Coconut is also beneficial to helping to fight off fleas? Simply dip your flea comb in it before grooming through your pets fur. Coconut is a natural flea deterant too!  We loved our recent discovery of coconut use with our rescue animals and thank our holistic vet, Dr. Anne Rice, for enlightening our group about its many benefits!

Coming Soon!

Our volunteers are hard at work to publish our first ever rescue calendar!  Adopted cats will be featured in this calendar! We will update you as soon as the calendar is ready. We are very excited about this! Our adopted cats mean so much to their forever families and allow our volunteers to feel good about the service that they do for these rescue babies, that we felt it was a nice match to select adopted cats as our calendars theme.  

What have we been up to?
We have been busy planning for our participation in the Fall Women's Expo. This event takes place October 1st in Jackson, MI. It is located at the Parkside Middle school auditorium. This will be our second appearance at this event. We have been having fun planning our free give away prizes, sewing away brand new cat nip pillow designs, hand crafting our new "cat sac" item (which we are very excited about having for the first time). We  have been like busy little elves getting all our details, crafts, ribbons, and bows, in place! We will have sign up sheets for new volunteers too! Our Smiley Face spay neuter program will give you an opportunity to color and donate $1.00, so bring your kids and your inner child along! Be sure to ask for an application for a low cost spay or neuter program we would like to offer you in partnership with Huron Valley Humane Society.

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