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You will find the "sponsor me" tab at the top of each of our kitties Petfinder pages. Click on the one above to see an example. Petfinder makes it easy to support a rescue kitty this way. Can't adopt but want to help? This is a great and simple way. Even donating a $1.00 to each of our rescue kitties monthly will help us out. Do you see a kitty on our site that really tugs at your heart strings? Donate to that particular kitties cause on his individual sponsor me tab and we'll make sure he or she gets an extra treat from you. We'll even list your first name on that cat's website if you like! Every three months, Petfinder distributes the money collected through the sponsor me tabs and what a nice surprise this is for our kitties!

We would like to introduce a workshop to you!

Dr. Dupree has been an instrumental asset to our rescue kitties over the years. We have learned and our kitties have benefited from his expertise in animal welfare. We thank Dr. Dupree for his generosity with our rescue cats. Please be sure to check out his website listed below even if you are unable to attend the featured introductory workshop. Dr. Dupree is also available for private consultations with your companion animals. If you have been struggling with your animal's overall health, and one problem gets 'resolved' only to be replaced by another problem, or you would like to find out how to keep your beloved animals health up to par (this is not just limited to cats, by the way), please contact him.

The Vital Force: A Basic Workshop in Animal Homeopathy 

Come and spend two informative days with world renowned homeopathic veterinarian Dr. Glen Dupree. Dr. Dupree’s two day workshop offers a unique and eye opening window into the health of animals, their human companions and the planet we all share.  Learn how to take a broader view of animal health and hygiene, explore supportive, gentle, effective, non-invasive and lasting treatments. Homeopathy has the ability to improve functionality and quality of life, come learn how!   

$140.00 for 2 day workshop. October 8 and 9, 9-5 both days. In Jackson, Michigan !
Contact Laura or Char to register:
LAURA STEENROD – 517.937.0526; dsteenrod@aol.com

Check out this cool home made recipe for getting rid of a cat pee smell.

If your kitty is not making it to the litter box like he or she should, please have a vet examine your cat! Do not wait!

Having said that, one reason that cats will return to a location (as a litter box is meant to be) to urinate is if the area still smells. No, they are not being oppositional and out to take over the world by peeing as they will, wherever their fancy strikes them at the moment. Cleaning the soiled area with a product that gets rid of the ammonia smell is paramount to getting rid of the odor in the first place. And, by the way, bleach won't do it. There are some store bought products you will want to use instead, Nature's Miracle or OxyClean.
 We bring to you....wait for it...drum roll please....The No More Pee Smell Recipe! 
This homemade solution is a combination of the following ingredients. 1/4 cup Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/2 cup Baking Soda, 1 teaspoon liquid soap.  Special tip from Sharon is to mix these ingredients in a container with some extra room, some bubbling and fizzing will make this recipe expand, and could save you from an accidental overflow alert.

Another tip is to sprinkle a layer of baking soda at the bottom of your cat's litter box, put the litter on top and Whala! Instant odor reducer without the toxic fragrances that some litters come pre equipped with. Also keeps litter from sitcking to the bottom of the litter pan.

Article contributed by our volunteer Sharon! 

The Calendars are here! The Calendars are here! The Calendars are here!
It is true that I actually skipped to my mailbox to obtain the first shipment of our rescue cat calendars, and what a nice surprise! We love them! Calendars are available to purchase now! Want one? 12 month calendar, spiral binding, 11x 15 spread for wall display, color photos with adopted cats rescue story and large individual date boxes. $22.50 payment can be made through our paypal web link on our home page (scroll to the bottom). If you prefer to send us a check or money order, you can do that too! Please send calendar money to: 22216 Goldenridge, Taylor, MI 48180. Pricing includes our shipping and handling charges. Calendars not your thing? Buy one anyway and gift it to someone on your holiday shopping list! We will also have our calendars on site for purchase during the following events:
Women's Expo in Jackson on Saturday Oct. 1st, Adoption events at Pet Supplies Plus in Jackson on Saturday Nov. 19th, and during our annual used book sale at Biggby Coffee Shop in Jackson on Saturday December 17th.  
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