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Faerie Tales Cat Rescue

Newsletter-June 2011 

A Natural Approach to
Those Darn Fleas....

Why won't they go away: In the midst of summer and rescue cats seeming to be crawling out of the woodworks needing help, we also encounter another challenge this time of year, fleas. Many times our rescue babies arrive in our care so flea ridden that they are weak from anemia. As we have been rescuing for several years now and our volunteers are all pet owners themselves, this is not a unique problem. We have certainly been down the road of topical applications, flea bombing, and the painstaking use of a flea comb. I had a new method to try this time around. Go Natural! Fleas are a symptom of a larger problem. How can this be so? Fleas are attracted to animals with a weaker immune system. Don't believe me? I have had the unique opportunity to witness a flea outbreak last summer, and watched only certain animals have fleas while others had few to none, all in the same household! Knowing that topical applications can actually remove the paint/varnish off of floors and woodwork, I thought I would try something new for my companion and rescue animals. I used garlic supplements, natural flea powder from The Only Natural Pet Store and Flee Free Green Hope Farms Flower Essence. I also ensured that all the animals were being fed a species appropriate diet. Bathing the animal in Dawn brand dish soap also did a quick kill off of any adult fleas. The result? No hair loss, no allergic reactions, and most importantly NO MORE FLEAS! Keep in mind that the overall health of the animal will play a vital role in how quickly these fleas will go away too. Read these websites for more info or contact us at faerietalescatrescue@yahoo.com for flea support!
www.onlynaturalpet.com      http://www.greenhopeessences.com/Essences/AnimalWellness/fleefree.html                   http://theholisticanimal.com/Nutrition.aspx
Information for this article provided by our volunteer, Christina in Jackson, MI.

Happily Ever After           

 Beautiful Gaia was pulled from Jackson Animal Control in 2009 as a young baby with her siblings and mommy. There were scheduled to be put down due to it being the height of kitten season and tehre was simply no more room or time for them. Gaia, named after Mother Earth, has proven to be a healer of many hearts. She was quickly adopted by a wonderful family in Rives Junction, MI after viewing her on our petfinder.com website. She has grown up knowing love now and has a beautiful future ahead of her, thanks to her new family. We are so thankful that this precious kitten was seen for the beauty that she is. We received a wonderful update just this week from her family and here is what her family had to say,  "I just know you to appreciate that this little kitten, her mother and siblings, whom were rescued by you from the Jackson Animal Control Shelter, have all had a chance to live and live a good life!! You must be so proud with all your endeavors when it comes to helping unwated cats!! You have no idea what Gaia has done for my well-being. I was so distraught after losing our Cissy in 2007 and then our Molly in 2009. I was almost afraid to get another cat but I knew I could love and help another so I went for it. Gaia has enriched our lives beyond measure!! She is one of the most affectionate, smart and entertaining cats I've ever owned. God......we love her and we sincerely thank you".

What have we been up to?
On June 18th, we hosted our very first Plant Sale Fundraiser! Thank you to all of our volunteers who pulled plants from their own yards to help us raise money for our rescue cats! We had a great turn out and found homes for lots of plants that day!

On July 18th, we will be hosting our next Adoption event at Pet Supplies Plus in Jackson, MI. Please come take home one of our beautiful rescue cats. Don't be shy, they are right here waiting for you!  To thank you for your support, we will have a free gift bag for every adopter!

Adding new foster homes! We are very excited to have Amy and her family in Jackson,MI to not only be past adopters but also a new foster home for our group! Amy and her son Riley have been caring for a litter of bottle fed kittens, which were featured in last month's newsletter. We are happy to report that we have began to accept applications on "Waterloo" and "Courage" now and they can be found on our website!

Developing a new website! Many thanks to our volunteer Sherry who has been coordinating website development for our group. We hope to have this be live soon and will feature it in an upcoming newsletter! Have suggestions for our website or things you would like to see? Please let us know!


Want to Help, But Can Not Foster?

Never Fear, A Solution is Near!
We have lots of ideas for those warm hearted souls out there that have no room to take in a rescue cat, get too attached to foster, or have allergic husbands. 
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