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You will find this month's newsletter to be filled with information about our groups current activities, upcoming educational workshops, and adoptable cats. We seem to have a lot of fun news to share this month and we thank you for the positive energy you have been sending our way. Our volunteers are just that, volunteers. Our rescued cats are just that, rescued. Put this together with adopters and supporters, and we've got a rescue group. We are so very thankful for everyone's support as our rescue kitties await for permanent homes. At our most recent adoption event, two wonderful kittens found a home together, and we were reminded by their adopter that "life is too short not to have two cats in the house". So, with pleasure, we bring you our most recent newsletter and hope you enjoy it! If you have a topic you would like to see covered in an upcoming newsletter, be sure to let us know!

A Totally Awesome Opportunity!
We have recently partnered with No More Bedless Pets program and click here to see why! We think the timing of this could not be better for you. With holiday shopping here already, (or up and coming for you late starters), you can spoil your own pet, or a friends pet, with a new pet bed AND when you do so through our exclusive webstore we get a bed too for our cats! In addition, whenever you purchase one of the products through our webstore, No More Bedless Pets will donate 20% of that purchase to our group! A Win Win situation for all! So, help us start spreading that holiday cheer all season long!  

Get your 2012 Rescue Calendar!
Our first edition rescue calendar has been a smash hit! Don't have yours yet? Order from our paypal logo "Donate now" on our homepage for $22.50 and we will ship one to you! What's that? You say you want to save a few bucks? Mail a check of $20.00 payable to Faerie Tales Cat Rescue to us at 22216 Goldenridge St, Taylor, MI 48180 and will ship one out to you! Need another incentive to support our group? Stop by one of our rescue events and pick one up yourself for only $15.00 (no shipping charges, see, so it's cheaper that way).  We will be at Pet Supplies Plus on Saturday November 19th from 11-3, and Saturday December 17th from 9-4 for our Annual Used Book Sale Fundraiser.

Fall Women's Expo!
Thank you for your support and kind words at our Women's Expo booth this year! On Oct. 1st, our volunteers helped to spread the word about our rescue groups work, gave out free stuff, did lots of fundraising, and had a free drawing for a JC Penneys photo shoot with your pet. Thanks to YOU, we had a very successful day of networking, marketing,and fundraising. Thank you for all the past adopters who stopped by our booth that day to share your wonderfully warm stories of your adopted cats! 

Two Exciting Upcoming Workshops offered by The Holistic Animal!

Most health problems are the result of an underlying energy imbalance, made worse from poor diet and vaccination.
They are rarely acute diseases (injuries, poisonings, or contagions). Therefore, you may find that the problem does not clear up as you expect, it recurs, or some other part of the animal now elicits a problem (due to allopathic suppression). If so, you are dealing with an underlying predisposition to illness or chronic disease.
This workshop will bring to light all of these what most people consider “normal” problems, symptoms or conditions. You will discover that these conditions are really “common” and “common” is not necessarily “normal” after all. In young, apparently healthy animals, the apparently “normal” problems or should I say common issues may be the only indications to start considering alternative treatment.
As we move toward healing our animals of “dis-ease” using alternative therapies, we find that certain other what we call “NORMAL” things …… go away.
Workshop #2: BASIC, URGENT FIRST AID HOMEOPATHY: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2011; 10:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m 
Become more familiar with emergency first aid homeopathy. Be prepared for your next crisis. Homeopathic Remedies to have available for your dog, cat, horse or other animal (humans included). 
Our animals’ traumas, accidents, and illnesses are no less upsetting and dramatic than our own. The signs and symptoms of an animal in distress are very much the same as those for humans in distress: crying out, difficulty breathing or moving any body part, stupor, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, discharges or bleeding from a body opening or part, fever, excessive coldness/heat of a body part, undue anxiety or fear, loss of consciousness, and unusual symptoms – both mental and physical – that come on suddenly.
Any of these symptoms may be caused by accidents that you may witness. Less noticeable causes may include events you may not witness firsthand, such as poisonings, insect bites, punctures, or territory disputes with other animals to name a few.
With the proper information and tools at your disposal, you will be able to handle almost any emergency situation involving your animal companion.
Being well prepared, informed, and calm will give you an edge that may well save your animal companion’s life in the event of a serious emergency.
This workshop is for those who have homeopathic remedies on-hand but do not know how to use them and for those who seek out help from a homeopathic practitioner but do not have the tools-on-hand (homeopathic remedies) to help their animals in crisis.

Location and registration info for both workshops:
9036 Hyde Rd
(third house on the RT south of Reed (large red barns)
Please contact The Holistic Animal – Char Raby – to register 

Ginger is sister # 1, a female, orange tiger kitten with big round yellow-orange eyes with blue rims, is a pleasure to behold. Ginger needs a loving, reponsible caretaker whom she will depend upon. She is a lively, playful pet with a big of spring and bounce in her gate. Ginger takes her time to adjust to new surroundings and persons, so her new family members will need to give her lots of introductory loving care so she understands how safe she will be in her new home. She eats from a dish, uses litter. She is used to children and dogs and has always been handled with gentleness and with love. Ginger is an indoor pet and comes when called. 

Kangaroo, is sister #2, a perfectly marked female, grey and white tiger with Cleopatra eyes, loves children and gentle kind adults, and has always been handled and cared for with loving kindness. She enjoys being held lovingly and plays hide 'n seek just to be found and cuddled. She eats from a dish and uses kitty litter successfully. She will be best with a gentle, kind loving family.She is 5 months old as of mid October. 

Stripey is sister # 3,  It's ironic to call a kitten, truly a calico mostly white with gorgeous patches of jet black and contrasting tan, "Stripey"; however, the children in her life named her the opposite of what she isn't, striped! Stripey, a female, has to be with a Loved One or she is lonely, she is a lap kitten who purrs while being stroked and petted, then she'll slide down and join with her siblings to gently play. Stripey sticks around her family members where she will play and explore. Stripey comes to you when you call her.  

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