Happy Springtime,

Your physical and emotional bodies feel the regeneration happening around you. This is a good time to take a few minutes and contemplate the kind of Spring you want to have. What are the energies you wish to create supporting you into Summer?  What potential do you wish to spark this Spring?  Take advantage of this nourishing and exciting energy of unlimited potentials and create a tiny plan for something big.

Choose just one area of your life you wish to transform.  Whether career, personal, romantic, or spiritual, identify a change you desire within that realm.  Follow the steps to manifestation in the article below (from November's newsletter).

I feel the energies of re-birth so much, that I created 2 new forums: 

Planetsev is on Instagram!  Receive original spiritual messages paired with beautiful pictures.  Be inspired to manifest, keep on track, and spark a metamorphosis.  The spiritual messages begin March 20th, the first day of Spring (start something new!). Please click to receive your free messages instagram.com/planetsev/

My Revolution! is a new section of the newsletter.  It focuses on you!  The majority of you have created dramatic shifts in your lives.  You have started new businesses, created better friendships, increased your self-worth, healed relationships, formed volunteer organizations, met new lovers, moved across the country, ended difficult marriages, eliminated fears, and more......

I am asking for your personal story.  What have you created since your Soul Purpose Reading?  What have you overcome?  What belief did you change to create the new you?   Many of us have similar fears and blocks.  If you have overcome a block, a fear, or a persistent negative belief to create something wonderful, let us know.  Please send me your story.  Let's help one another. We are in this together so, let's share our victories.  Who knows, your story may be exactly what someone needs to read.  This month, you meet Anna.  She finally took action with an idea that had been nudging at her for a long time.  She shares her story and it is so heartwarming, you may feel like helping.  Anna's revolution touched me so much that I am volunteering.  Share with us your stories of revolution sevreadings@gmail.com.

Also, there are only a handful of seats left for the Intensify Your Magnetism Workshop on Sunday, April 3.  Learn about your electromagnetic field and how it powers manifestation, how your heart & brain are connected, how your electromagnetic field affects others, how to connect to your multi-dimensional abilities  (ESP, clairvoyance, remote viewing, astral travel, etc) and much more...sevreadings.com/classesworkshops/

As you breathe in this beautiful, new freshness around us, be aware of the cleansing and transformative powers you are breathing into your body.  As you watch flowers blossom around you, begin your own personal bloom.

Evolve through love,

Momentum: the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes..... Merriam-Webster

To create your dreams, you have to FEEL THEM.  FEELING creates the energy behind your idea or desire.  Next, increase momentum.  Imagine that energetic ball (aka your idea or desire) growing bigger and bigger.  As energy does, it travels.  In those travels it aligns with people and events with similar energies - these are the people and opportunities you are waiting for.  Try these steps to manifestation...they work.

1.  Create.  Determine what you want.  And be specific.  Don't generalize like "I want to be successful" or "I want to be happy" or "I want to be in love."  What is it, exactly, that will determine your success or happiness?  Maybe you want a new career or a new boyfriend or to write a book or to create your own business. Whatever it is, be specific; but allow the details to be vague.  

2.  Generate momentum.  Do the following exercise as often as you can.  It only takes a few seconds.
  • With your eyes closed or open, imagine yourself experiencing the very thing you want (see yourself in the new job, with the new boyfriend, as the owner of a business, etc).
  • Be loose with the details (you are sitting in a new office feeling content,  you are talking at a conference table feeling confident, you are on a fun date feeling at ease, etc). You don't need to know exactly where you are or what people look like or even what you are saying.  
  • Focus on how you FEEL.  Feel yourself smiling. Feel the enjoyment.  Feel the accomplishment.  Feel the success. FEEL IT.  This is the most important part. 
  • If you are really feeling it, you will sense energy moving in your body.  Often, there is a tingly feeling in your body when you have truly connected to the feeling of what you want.  If you aren't feeling tingly or a little bit of energy swirling around, you aren't FEELING it.  Imagine it till you feel it.
  • Let it go and continue on your day 
3.  Build momentum. Take action.  Do something towards your desire.  Write a business plan, google something pertinent, make a phone call, gather information, etc.  Every single thing you do in the direction of what you want builds momentum.

4.  Increase momentum.  Repeat 2 & 3 often.  Think of your desire as a ball of energy in your hand.  Every time you feed that ball of energy it gets larger.  Your thoughts and actions make it larger.  It get so large, your hand is too small to hold it.  So, it starts to spin around the world.  This ball of desire has its own energy.  It is tangible and it physically exists.  It travels.  The larger it gets, the more it picks up other bits of energy.  Like a snowball.  These other bits of energy are the energies of people, places, situations, offers, help, money, and opportunities.  Want to be big?! Think big, make your ball of energy big, and you will meet people who are big with big opportunities for you.

You are energy.  See yourself as energy.  Your thoughts are energy.  Once you begin to focus in on the energy you create, you will see the direct relationship between the quality of your life and the quality of your thoughts.
My Revolution! 

Helping Our Veterans One Resume at a Time
"During my reading with Sev it became clear that I had to start moving in the directions I was being pulled.  When I told her I really felt like I am supposed to pursue my work as a volunteer Sev encouraged me to move in that direction and after some reflection I decided to create the website jobsfirst.us.  This resource is intended for military personnel who are transitioning to civilian employment.  Jobs First helps Veterans rewrite their resumes, for free, so that their military experience is translated to civilian language.  The main goal is to help our Veterans find jobs. 

Since launching the website I have had three people volunteer and have made some other connections related to this work.  Some recent takeaway messages from Sev’s readings – put it all out there and I will draw in what I need; be open to all opportunities and do not limit myself; make space for success and set aside fears and anxieties; do the work; oh and an important one, money is neutral – it’s not good and it’s not bad and if I want to attract it, I must not give it power."   


Check out the website 
jobsfirst.us  and/or contact Anna JOBSFIRSTUSA@gmail.com

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