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Finding Your Balance!
What an exciting and crazy 2016! Agree? As the year comes to an end, we are reminded to return to BALANCE. Balancing our physical needs – diet, exercise, money, time; our emotional needs – relating to ourselves, relating to others, being OK with our wacky emotions, embracing all emotions; and our spiritual needs – connecting with self and connecting with Divine.

But how, you may ask. How do I find BALANCE amidst all the demands of life? How do I find BALANCE during this busy festive season?
Slow Down and Be Present. This has worked for me well each time. Especially during the end of each year, I would intentionally schedule in Down-Time, time when I spend alone in nature if possible. This is the time when I would reflect upon my journey todate. What have I learned about myself and life? What have served me and what have not? What am I willing to let go off to create space for something new to come in the new year ahead? How would I like to live the rest of my life?
December 2016
Reading from the Healing With The Angels Oracle Deck

BALANCE - Be All And See!

To be in BALANCE is to be all and see. It reminds me of an eagle circling high in the air. When other birds hide in the leaves and branches of the trees in a storm, the eagle takes flight in the storm, and uses the raging storm to lift him above the clouds. The eagle reminds us that we can use the storms of life to rise to greater heights!
Every year end, I would spend time to Complete & Remember the current year and Create the new year. It is an intention setting process unlike the usual goal setting or resolution setting work that one does. And at the end of the following year, I would always find myself in awe of how much I have grown into the ME that I have said I would a year ago.
I would like to invite you to experience this amazing process itself by joining me in the upcoming Creating Miracles, a 2-Day Transformational Workshop, on 12th and 13th Dec 10am-6pm. In this 2-Day In-Depth Connection & Transformational Program, you will:-
  • Experience Powerful Moments of Silence that bring your Awareness to your Mind
  • Have a Profound Journey within Self through Mandala Drawing and Rebirthing Breathwork
  • Acquire Empowering Clarity Moving Forward to create the kind of the Year 2017 you desire for YOU
For more information, kindly click on Creating Miracles Workshop.
Creating Miracles!
A 2-Day Transformational Workshop with Gladys.
Please contact Gladys @ or 9339-0431.
Our special feature of the month is…

What is Yoga?...
by Meta Vashti
My first yoga class was when I was in high school - 10th grade if I remember it correctly. That was about 17 years ago, before yoga was cool, before trendy leggings and fancy mats. My mom bought some of those puffy exercise mats for her, my sister, and I, and we did Yoga in the studio, or sometimes at home.
As the years passed, I did yoga on and off, never continuously in a long period of time, but somehow, someway, I always came back to the mat. And as how most people’s yoga journey goes, it started off for purely physical reasons and evolved to become a tool to find myself. 
I remember going to a boot camp in college that had yoga elements in it and the instructor told us that yoga is great cause we all are going to get a Yoga butt - a.k.a a very nicely heart-shaped toned butt. And I, who was overweight at that point, was like “hell yes, give me a yoga butt!”
And I remember years later, when I was a young professional in LA, finding (by chance) a Summer yoga session at the beautiful Santa Monica pier. And despite the start time of 7 AM on a Saturday morning, and despite my crazy 12 hours work days, I showed up every single Saturday just for that 1.5 hour of being under the sun, surrounded by the ocean, to find some solitude in my life. My greatest memory of that summer was receiving the most beautiful gift of witnessing a school of Dolphins jumping, playing and swimming in the distance as I was balanced in the Tree pose. At that moment I thought, “Life is perfect."
Now, if you think I’m stretchy and bendy and can fly and do magic with head on the floor and feet up in the air, you’re not quite right. Despite years of getting to know yoga, I’m not quite advanced in the Asanas (postures) yet. I’ve only recently learned arm-balancing poses. All the years I’ve taken yoga, we tend to focus on Sun Salutations. Plus, back then, there was no Instagram, so there was no push and incentives for showing off the ability to do a hand stand while doing funky legs while being inverted. :D
Actually, that Instagram Yoga culture got me a little frustrated and became the trigger that pushed me to finally take my Yoga Teacher Training this year. (So, thank you, Instagram!)
I love Yoga. I also love meditation - but that combination of moving body and breath just has a certain magic for me. And when suddenly the Western Yoga world exploded in the last 8 years and now everyone seems to be a yogi and there seems to be a huge emphasis on Asanas, I got frustrated. Cause to me Yoga is bigger than all that. I knew that Yoga wasn’t just about Asanas (or the physicality of it) and I was curious to find out what actually is Yoga.
And now that I got a glimpse of it, my oh my, it’s truly such a beautiful Philosophy of Life. Yoga is all about the coming together of opposing energies and about the balancing of the male and female energy. It’s about finding the highest Self and the connection between the highest Self and Divine. It’s about living a contented life without being affected by results. It’s about a centeredness that is not affected by the changes in emotions. And at the core of it all, is still Love and Light.
The goal of Yoga, as the goal of any spiritual journey, is enlightenment, or Samadhi. And to get to Samadhi, one has to do so many other parts of Yoga (which includes meditation, and breathing exercise, and having values and morality and devotion, and many others) and Asana is just one tiny elements of it. 
Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love Asanas because I do love moving body as a way to learn. There’s so much wisdom stored in these beautiful bodies of ours. But now that I understand the bigger picture, there’s so much deeper meaning of these Asanas and I will now share Asanas with that in mind.
As many readers in this community, I too discovered Meditation through Gladys at a time when I was in desperate need of help and at a risk of losing my life. And in the last 5 years, I had healed myself through Meditation and Rebirthing Breathwork, as well as through dance, creativity and art, yoga, and a lot of solitude, self-work, and reflections, all with the guidance of the ever loving Divine. 
In 2015, I came to a point where I realized that one of my clearest purpose in life is to share about Love and develop a bigger community of Love. Since then, I had left the comfort of a stable job and a life in a modern country, shook it all up, embarked on a journey to get more centered in my Truths so I can contribute to Love. And I am extremely thankful that I have been led to this path where I’m given the tools and opportunities to share, and one of them is through Yoga.

Now here comes the exciting part, Ladies and Gentlemen. If you allow me, I’d like to share Yoga with you through a basic Yoga class. I have just recently finished my Yoga training and I’d love to practice the knowledge I’ve learned. 
It’ll be a donation-based Yoga class. If you feel that the class is beneficial, then you may contribute what you can.
Date:   11th Dec (Sun)
Time:   8:30am – 10am
Venue: Vyasa Yoga Centre Viveka Room
Fees:   By Donation
Wear comfortable stretchy fabrics and bring your mat, water bottle, and a small towel!
Hope to see you there!
Meta Vashti
Connect with Meta on Facebook
I’m very grateful to be given the opportunity to serve lovely Meta on her life journey. I’ve learned so much from her! Her determination to come out from the darkness and her openness to love is commendable. Thank you, Meta for sharing your life with us. Love Always, Gladys xx
Yoga With Meta!
Please contact Gladys @ or 9339-0431.
We have just returned from an amazingly transcendental Life Alchemy Retreat in Bali! 10 of us, including me, left on 17th Nov and returned on 22nd Nov feeling bliss, love and joy! Hear what some participants say about the retreat…

Sharing By Shin Lan:-

Thank you so much for organising Life Alchemy Retreat! This is my second retreat with Gladys and I relish more to come. The experience is almost too good to articulate. I am sharing this so that if anyone of you reading this will benefit as much as I do.  
The sacred place itself holds a safe and tranquil space that allows me to discover and explore so many profound insights about myself. During the 6D5N retreat, I am immersed in joy, love and support with a group of amazing people. It is pure. It is love. It is not just a holiday to Bali; it is a beautiful journey, a remembrance journey of I Am. Also, this inner journey leads me to depths and heights I never thought existed. Experience that seems unreal but feels so real. I have felt a deep spiritual connection to my inner self and rediscover my life’s purpose through this retreat. I learn how to stay aware and conscious in the “real world” as well as remain centered and peaceful amidst all of life’s chaos.
I am happy to see myself grown so much in this 1.5 year with Gladys’s unconditional love and support. She has a way bringing out the best in people, leading me to observe my essence which in turn helps me to realise my true potential. I learn to let go of unsupportive beliefs, open and heal my heart, invite more clarity and make conscious choices in daily life. Now, I am living a happy, wild and free life! 
Understand that nothing is coincidence. I can recommend this to you who want to live an awakened life, it is your time to embark on this remembrance journey, reconnecting and reawakening your Spiritual Self with the Mother Earth and Source.
Thank you, Gladys, for sharing your love.
Sharing By Sathis:-

A transformational journey guided by the ever caring and loving Gladys!  
Spiritual journeys are indeed personal and unique for each individual. However, what truly made this journey remarkable was the presence of the other beautiful souls who were willing to share and help me throughout the ride. The abundance of acceptance and love in the air made my journey easier on so many levels. It was this support and care that helped me reflect, unlock and awaken certain parts of me I never knew existed.
Also, I decided to quit smoking prior to the retreat (after 16 years of bbq). While the vegan diet and activities helped me detox physically (Leeches started feeling my blood was worthy of their attention again!), it was once again the care and encouragement of the 8 strangers (including Gladys obviously!) that truly helped me cope the sudden absence of my ‘best friend’. Lost a friend but gained a family…
I am indeed very grateful for this journey. My first of many to follow... Highly recommend this for anyone who’s willing to go through an exhilarating rollercoaster ride of awakening! (Don’t worry, you are safe under the watchful eyes of Gladys!)
Sharing By Hele:-

There was a calling for my hubby, Karl and I to go for this Bali retreat as a couple.

After this retreat together, I realized the busy city life that we got caught up with, the frustration of work stress, we did not give ourselves time together as a couple to enjoy the little things in life.

We never had the chance to watch the sunrise together, or trek in the forest in comfortable silence surrounded by Mother Nature. This couple retreat together feels like a relationship detox, rediscovering our love that was always there, just buried with the busy routine life of living in the city.  This experience and time we had together also opens up our hearts and bare our souls to each other which we find it difficult in the past, due to the many masks that we wear to protect ourselves from painful experiences from childhood or whatever we fear.
This retreat’s energy is very energizing, with abundance of time, the nature surrounding providing self-healing to our physical body and most importantly an experience that money cannot buy.
Very grateful to Gladys, from a breathwork facilitator, to a friend and to being my Spiritual Mama and now it’s beyond what words can describe of our human relationship. It has evolved to cosmic love and living.
I’m forever grateful to be given the opportunity to serve 9 beautiful beings on their journey to Divinity this Nov! I've personally grown so much from this miraculous experience! Blessings to All. Love Always, Gladys xx
Take Flight @ Life Alchemy Retreat in Bali with Gladys.
Please contact Gladys @ or 9339-0431.

Urban Spirit Loft

A loud shout out to Yin Ling, Jess and Amanda of Urban Spirit Loft, “You’re amazing, ladies!” Thank you for having me in your community!
Next session:-
Date:  6th Dec (Tue)
Time:  7:30pm-10pm.
For more information about Urban Spirit join

Vyasa Yoga Centre (VYC)

VYC has been supporting us these 5 years by sponsoring their space for us to run our weekly Breath Meditation. We are truly grateful for their generosity. Thank you, Manoji and the team at VYC!
Following the moon cycle, we have our New Moon and Full Moon Rebirthing Breathwork Workshops at VYC every fortnightly after our Sun 6pm free meditation classes. Do look out for our eFlyers for these events.
Next Sessions:-
Date:  11th Dec (Sun)
Time:  6pm-10pm
For more information about Vyasa Yoga Centre, please go to


I would be away from 14th Dec to 2 Jan. Hence, kindly note that the weekly sessions at Botanic Gardens (Sat 9am) and VYC (Sun 6pm) will resume on 7/8 Jan.

Free Meditation Classes
Join us at these meetup groups for details on weekly free meditation classes around Singapore.

Gratitude Consciousness™ Meetup Group

Breath Meditation Meetup Group

Welcome to this space where I have always been dreaming of to create.  A space where it is safe and filled with love, where like-hearted people gather regularly to observe our breath and raise our awareness together.  Breath is Life.  And life is easy when we learn to flow with our breath.

I'm Gladys, one of the facilitators in Breath Meditation Meetup Group & Gratitude Consciousness Meetup Group and a certified Breathworker.  I've been facilitating breathwork since 2009 and helped many in their self-discovery and transformational journey.

In this issue, we were reminded to find our BALANCE during this festive season. Be like the eagle, soar above the storms of life! We invite you to join us in our yearly Creating Miracles Workshop to spearhead your Year 2017. Thanks to many of our fans (yes, we have fans now! :D) for sharing with us their life journey. Come and meet these dear friends cum brothers and sisters of mine, to feel the love that vibrates throughout the community! And yes, the dates for our 1st 2017 retreat is out! Read on to find out more...

Do feel free to email me if you would like to share your experiences with us or contribute your article related to meditation or breath.  Of course, the editorial board reserves the right to edit &/or publish your submission just to ensure that all information shared are legal, morale and ethical.  Happy reading & practicing!

Wishing You Joy, Love & Peace,
Gladys Lee
+65 9339 0431
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