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Edirisa Nursery Schools

A donation from Haussman-Treuhand AG in Switzerland was used to build a carpentry workshop at our Special Needs Education Centre (SNEC) but it also provided the Nursery School at Kyabahinga with some new playground equipment.

Two of our nursery schools now have this type of play equipment which is much more hard-wearing than the wooden equipment we provided previously. And most importantly...the children love it!

Rachel Peet, a volunteer from the USA, had an arty day painting the nursery tables with bright colours and hand prints. She was lucky enough to have a few helpers (as seen left) who released their inner creativity too.
Trustee Penny O'Callaghan visited our projects in September. Here she is (right) with some children from Rubona Nursery where we have provided tables, benches and scholastic materials.
The nursery schools are coping well managing themselves but we are still supporting them with scholastic materials, equipment, decorating and building work/repairs, graduation celebrations and more.
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Special Needs Education Centre (SNEC)

This has been a busy year at SNEC. The Carpentry Workshop was completed with a lot of help from the group from Carpe Diem Education in Oregon, USA. The students are enjoying their woodwork classes and the carpentry teacher has started to make some items for sale in our craft shops. He has also made the shelves for our new Crafts Workshop in Kabale.
       Carpe Diem Students painting                              Apollo using a plane
Tarryn Biswas volunteered at SNEC in July and did some fantastic creative work with the children. Creativity is often a neglected subject on the curriculum in Uganda and so we are always looking for new ways to introduce freedom of play and expression.
The headmaster was very happy to receive 3 computers for our resource centre - donated by John Johnson - monitors to be installed soon.
The pig project
Our Pig Project is doing well as a new source of income for SNEC.
The sow gave birth to eight piglets in October and while we will be keeping some, others will be sold and the income channelled into our projects.
In October we were fortunate to receive four wheelchairs from the Foundation of People with Disabilities at a special, reduced price. We have four children at SNEC who require wheelchairs and this has been a big need for some time.
We are very grateful.
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Bwama Island Medical Clinic

Despite the constant challenges everyone at the clinic is doing great work! The clinic has already made a big impact on the local community’s ability to seek medical care, which is totally free of charge, and for local women to deliver children more safely.

They have made amazing progress over the last year. 10,864 patients were seen in the first year, 11,166 in the second, and 41,906 in this last year! 115 babies were delivered and, with the opening of the new maternity ward, this figure will increase. We also offer ante-natal clinics and maternity aftercare. Plus, 820 dental patients were seen - an area of health care that gets little attention in the area.

Thanks to all the Slovenian doctors and medics, without whose support this would not be possible. 

The Maternity Ward opened in October 2016. We only have 5 beds so far but we are providing sheets and blankets -  patients often to have to bring their own bedding in Ugandan hospitals. We are lucky to have 3 midwives.
We were very proud to receive this certificate from the
Kabale District Health Department
The clinic's Chief Nursing Officer, Edward Arineitwe, is seen here with 2 computers recently donated by John Johnson. Monitors have been purchased in Kampala and should be installed by the end of 2016. Edward has now completed his first year at Kabale University where he is undertaking a three year course in Nursing Science to equip him with additional medical skills to support the clinic. Edirisa UK and Give a Hand Foundation of Canada are supporting this training development.
                     Clinic staff                                     One of the midwives seeing a patient

As there is no housing for staff at the clinic it is difficult to provide medical services out of hours. This places people in danger of not getting the required treatment. In addition we face staff attraction and retention issues as there is little local accommodation available and what there is, is over 1km away from the clinic. Most other Government facilities will provide housing for staff and as such we are at a disadvantage in attracting talent compared with facilities in other areas.  

Our second partnership with the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia is with the Faculty of Architecture, who are offering design, organisation and on-site construction supervision of staff houses under the direction of Professor Anja Planiscek. The construction is expected to start in July 2017. We are currently fundraising for this project and all donations will be gratefully received!

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Clean Water Projects


In addition to the large tanks installed at our partner schools and the clinic, we endeavour to install a number of 4,000 litre household tanks each year. These cost around £500 each, which includes training for the recipient on health, sanitation and maintenance. These tanks make a big difference to peoples' lives.
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Edirisa Crafts

Edirisa Crafts continues to grow. This year we have been working hard on new basketware products. We have also started stocking a few products that have been made by the children and teachers at SNEC - baby shawls, beaded necklaces and bracelets. We have increased our customer base and are very pleased that we are now stocked at Chameleon Hill Lodge at Lake Mutanda.
The annual CBO meeting held in September at Overland Resort
At the CBO (Community Based Organisation) meeting it was decided to move the Lake Bunyonyi women's craft group from Bufuka to Bushara Island. Most of the group members live in communities around the lake and Bushara Island is more accessible. The manager of Bushara Island Camp offered to provide a room for sewing lessons and in 2017 we will be starting the sewing classes. We had a meeting with the women on Bushara Island and it was raining heavily when we arrived. The women (pictured below) were huddled under a sun umbrella surrounded by water...
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Some of the new basketware.
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   Harriet, Overland Shop Assistant,                     Mary, one of our tailors, had a,       
      had a baby boy, Ryan, in July                      daughter, Treasure, in November

Finally I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the team in Kabale who work so hard - often in difficult circumstances.

The four senior staff members are (clockwise from left): Moreen - Crafts Manager; Hope - SNEC Administration Manager; Rose- Head Tailor; George - Operations Manager.

Those are the highlights - it's been a good year and once again our thanks go to all those who support us and make our work possible.

We wish you all a very happy and 
prosperous 2017

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