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Issue 23, June 2016

Introducing ArthroS™ Hip and how it came to be

Dear partners, clients, friends and innovation enthusiasts,

The first half of the year is almost over, and we have been celebrating it with a new product, the ArthroS™ Hip simulator for fluoroscopy guided access training and arthroscopic procedures. In this newsletter we want to give you some insight into the development process along with the actual product. We will also introduce another VirtaMed face, and let Aunt Sophie describe the surgical simulation Olympics disciplines in her satirical advice column.

VirtaMed ArthroS™ Hip takes fluoroscopy guided access training to virtual reality

Safe access training for portal placement, fluoroscopic imaging, diagnostic tours, and therapeutic cases, all wrapped in a combination of an extremely realistic anatomic model and a high-fidelity virtual reality environment. VirtaMed introduced the ArthroS™ Hip Module at the EFORT Congress in Geneva at the beginning of June.

Read more about the product release

Behind the curtain: How the ArthroS™ Hip was developed

Get a behind-the-scenes look at VirtaMed’s latest ArthroS™ Hip Simulator. Learn more about the development of the ArthroS™ Hip. You will even got your hands on some top secret designs that didn’t quite make the final cut.

Read more about the project and watch the video

Meet VirtaMed: “For us nothing is impossible”

Our development technician Daniel Jiroudek takes an idea and turns it into something we can hold in our hands. His passion is to create objects that have a function – for example an unusually curved uterus for an embryo transfer simulator. In short, Daniel is our MacGyver.

Read the full interview

Conference corner – see our simulators in action!

Would you like to try out one of our simulators? Come meet us at a conference. Starting this Sunday, we will be showcasing the PelvicSim™ as well as the ASRM embryo transfer simulator at ESHRE in Helsinki, while the UAA congress in Singapore will get to see the UroSim™ in late July. The ArthroS™ will travel to Basel for the AGA Kongress in September, and we are already preparing for the ASRM gynecology conference in Salt Lake City in October.

Read the full list of ours and our sales partners' conference visits on our website.

Aunt Sophie: Surgical simulation disciplines in the Olympics

Dear Aunt Sophie,

I heard that there will be some new events at the VirtaMed Olympics this year in Schlieren. Can you tell me more about them so I can keep an eye out for them in June?

Dear Bob,

Thanks so much for your inquiry. Yes, there will be some new exciting events at this year’s VirtaMed Olympics. Here are all the details so you won’t miss out on any of the action.

Synchronized Surgical Simulation
Inspired by synchronized swimming, the synchronized surgical simulation event requires a team of five surgeons to perform diagnostic procedures in perfect synchronicity. The UroSim­™, HystSim™, and ArthroS™ teams will be competing for this year’s gold and glory.

Hip Access Archery
Archery has been a well-respected Olympic sport for many years. The ArthoS™ Hip division will compete this year to test their ability to shoot arrows at the correct access points for a hip arthroscopy. The event will be split into divisions of 50 meters and 100 meters. Hip Access Archers will be assessed on their accuracy and range.

Surgical Relay Team
The surgical relay team even will test surgeons’ speed with a 50 meter sprint and then their calm composure as each team member will complete part of a diagnostic case after each sprint. Five Teams of four surgeons will go head-to-head this year for the surgical relay gold.

Chariot Surgical Simulator Race
Chariot racing was one of the first events of the Ancient Greek Olympics. Inspired by this great Olympic tradition, the VirtaMed Olympics will be holding its very own chariot surgical simulator race. Teams of two, driver and surgeon, will chariot race whilst completing surgical cases on one of VirtaMed’s simulators. This event will have competitors from the UroSim™, HystSim™, and ArthroS™ teams.

Triangulated Fencing
There is nothing more elegant and graceful than the art of fencing. This new event for the VirtaMed Olympics will showcase triangulated fencing with 30 degree and 70 degree optics.

I hope that you enjoy watching the 2016 VirtaMed Olympics!

Do you have a question for Aunt Sophie? Send it to

The content of this column is purely fictional; any connections to actual people or events are purely coincidental.

Stefan Tuchschmid, Co-CEO

Raimundo Sierra, Co-CEO

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