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Issue 07
  July 12

Dear partners, clients, friends and innovation enthusiasts

Proctoring is a standard in surgical education. Experienced surgeons give advice, show residents what to do and how to do it. The ProctorSim™ method developed by VirtaMed now assumes this role: ghost tools and colored hints show the trainee the correct behavior. This virtual mentoring incorporates best practice approaches from key opinion leaders.

The new ProctorSim™ is now available for basic arthroscopic skill training on ArthroS™ and also on the HystSim™ simulator. To have a closer look, check out the pictures, links and videos below.

Our simulators around the world: Meet us in September!

Come and visit us and let us know your thoughts on our virtual reality simulators! The next conference dates:

  • ESGE 2012 in Paris, France, 11 – 14 September
           => HystSim™ at the Simbionix booth
  • AGA Congress 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland, 13 – 15 September 
           => ArthroS™ at VirtaMed booth no. 5
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Dr. Stefan Tuchschmid


Asta Breitenmoser

Marketing Manager

P.S.: For up-to-date information and the latest news you can always visit our facebook page, check out our movies of virtual reality procedures on  youtube and our website.

Stay tuned!
ArthroS: Ghost tools and practical skills training

ArthroS™: Ghost tools and practical skills training

The latest version of our arthroscopy simulator ArthroS™ features different basic skill tasks. With the new ProctorSim™ module, trainees can highlight important regions in different colors to learn how to perform e.g. a complete diagnostic tour.

3D outside views of the knee and instrument with ghost tools show the trainee the correct position of the camera and knee. And picking up free-floating rings is not as easy as it sounds...
New HystSim™ features: Basic hysteroscopy skills

New HystSim™ features: Basic hysteroscopy skills

Our flagship product HystSim™ now offers new basic skill tasks, new instruments and new virtual mentor programs using the ProctorSim™ method.

The simulator teaches you how to correctly grasp a polyp, navigate through the cavity or how to take a biopsy of suspicious looking places.

Keep checking in for continuous updates on future basic skills!

See a teaser of some HystSim™ basic skills

VirtaMed team and simulator family: Many new products & much travel

VirtaMed simulators worldwide

May and June were busy months seeing VirtaMed visit 6 conferences with our customers and introduce 3 new simulators and modules to the market at record speed.

The entire VirtaMed family put in a giant effort to meet and exceed our customers requests.

Read more about our busy simulator family and check out the travel map