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Issue 08
  Oct. 12

Dear partners, clients, friends and innovation enthusiasts

Surgical training has finally evolved – that was our message to spread during AGA conference in Zurich. How we did that? With a high-cost movie production on the story of evolution, with gorillas taking over the congress hall, and bananas floating around in the ArthroS™ simulator. If you always wanted to have proof that engineers do have dancing skills: just click on the link below and you’ll be amazed…

But there is one thing our geeks are even better at: developing high-fidelity simulators. The new modules for essential skills and advanced hysteroscopy training and the new laser module for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia are visible signs of the continuing progression of our best-in-class simulators – evolution made in Switzerland!

Our simulators around the world: Meet us there!

Visit us and provide feedback on our virtual reality simulators! The next conference dates:

  • DKOU Congress in Berlin, Germany, 23 – 26 October
           => ArthroS™ at VirtaMed booth no. 84/03
  • AANA Fall Course in Phoenix, USA, 08 – 10 November 
           => ArthroS™ at VirtaMed booth no. 107
  • Zdravookhraneniye in Moscow, Russia, 03 – 06 December
           => ArthroS™ at VirtaMed booth no. 1E 55
  • AAGL in Las Vegas, USA, 05 – 09 November 
           => HystSim™ at Simbionix booth no. 330
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Dr. Stefan Tuchschmid


Asta Breitenmoser

Marketing Manager

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Stay tuned!
Gorillas in Zurich: The movie of evolution

VirtaMed studios present: The story of evolution

Ever wondered how surgical training evolved over the years? Finally, a high-class multi-million dollar production takes you on a journey through the years:
From where it all began in times of cadaver training to the latest HD virtual reality simulation.
New HystSim™ features: Essential skill training and Advanced hysteroscopy

From essentials training to advanced hysteroscopy

Experienced surgeons need different training than residents. For beginners, navigation and distention are huge challenges, while experienced hysteroscopists know these principles by heart.

That is why HystSim™ now offers difficult cases such as multiple, intramural pathologies or a septum, and easier cases for essential skills training.

Read more about the new HystSim™ modules

167 improvements for HystSim and TURPSim

HystSim™ & TURPSim™ reloaded: 167 updates

Do you remember the first computer games that came to market? Even if you’re too young for classics like Pac-Man or Pong, you will surely see the huge step that the software industry has made.

To keep our simulators up-to-date with the latest developments in graphics and software, we launched a new version of both HystSim™ and TURPSim™ – 167 improvements, partially visible, partially hidden…

Read more about the new features here