A Piece of the Puzzle – A Different Picture
Volume 7, Issue 15
September 3, 2015

This bi-weekly publication is intended to highlight the achievements of the outstanding athletes in Central Alberta, provide tips on nutrition, training, mental skills and upcoming events.

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Special Feature

Tour of Canadian Sport Institute Calgary
Athletes from Central Alberta & Souteast toured the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary on Wednesday August 26th. As members of the tour, we were able to watch the national team athletes work on their starts in the Ice House, work out along side Olympic and National athletes in the 30,000 square foot gym.
We were treated to a boxed lunch provided by Fuel for Gold and heard John Fennell talk about his experiences at the 2012 Youth Olympic Winter Games in Innsbruck and as a member of Team Canada in Sochi as a Luge athlete.
We were also fortunate to tour the Research Lab at CSIC. This is where the elite athletes get tested using many of the latest protocols and eqipment.  Athletes experienced VO2  testing, sitting in an Altitute testing tent, running on an underwater and the anti-gravity treadmills.
The tour was a real eye opener of the opportunites afforded the elite athletes training for nationals and olympics.   Will we see our athletes there soon?

Impressive Performances

Team Handball
Bryn MacDougall recently went to Germany as part of the Alberta Youth Handball development team. The trip was a tremendous learning and development opportunity for her team and for herself.  They played a total of 8 different German teams throughout the ten days in addition to training camps and practices. What a tremendous opportunity, Bryn.
Tyler Watt of Innisfail shot a 77 to finish tied for 10th in the boys category a the McLennan Ross Junior Tour event in Edmonton.
Clare McMahon of Red Deer Balmoral captured the girls' title in a 36-hole Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour event in Jasper.

Canoe Polo
It was a great summer for the Hendrickson sisters. It all started on July 24-26 at our Canadian Nationals in Montreal, Katie was the lone wolf at this event, but her Club team place 1st on the B side of competition and her U-21 Women’s team placed 4th in the Women’s category, being the youngest women’s team present. At the camp following Nationals, Katie found out that she made the U-21 Women’s team that would compete at their Pan American Competition,

Shylo had made the Women’s team that would also compete at the Pan American Competition where her team would also be competing against the USA Women for a spot at the 2016 World Champions in Italy.

Hannah also made a Women’s team that would be competing in the Pan American Competition. At the Pan American Competition, which was held at Rundle Park in Edmonton on the weekend of August 21-23 Shylo’s team, going in the favourites, went undefeated to bring home the gold medal and the Continental Cup, also securing their spot for the 2016 World Championships. Hannah’s team had a good strong tournament but had a tough loss in the Bronze medal game. Katie’s team, who were described as the under-dogs, had a tough go in the preliminaries but were able to pull out a win to bring home the Bronze medal, her team also has a spot in the 2016 World Championships. The 3 sisters will be striving to make their desired team to go to Italy in 2016 to once again represent Canada internationally as a trio.



FUN-duh-MENTALS of Sport Psychology
Doug. Swanson – F.I.R.S.T. Place for Human Performance
September 3, 2015
A Piece of the Puzzle – A Different Picture

Change can only be successful when the usual characters in an organization combine their unique talents and consistently involve others in initiating, implementing and sustaining change (Ken Blanchard, John Britt, Judd Hoekstra and Pat Zigarmi  - Who Killed Change)

We are often asked to be the piece of the puzzle. The picture given to us is a completed puzzle and one missing piece. Would it not help to begin with a puzzle with only one piece – the long term Goal (five year)? We would then determine the pieces of the puzzle that would help all of us determine how and when and what we would do to bring our long term dream to fruition.  The completed puzzle would be our five year plan!  This is not just a game, or flighty exercise, but a process that begins with the end in mind – the Not Yet.  By defining the Not Yet, we can define the actions to be undertaken in the present, to produce growth and development toward the Not Yet.
With 1825 days – five years- we can timeline our tasks / efforts and we can collaborate on the pieces of the puzzle that will optimize our efforts. In so doing we give each day meaning and every person purposefulness (a valued and cherished role in the organization).
Borrowing heavily from Blanchard and company’s factors in Who Killed Change? I offer athletes the opportunity to consider in designing plans to move forward towards the Not Yet.
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Fueling the Young Athlete
From Coaching Association of Canada
It's back to school and fall and winter sports. Hockey, gymnastics, and soccer are but a few of the endless structured sport options for active children and adolescents. Participation in recreational or competitive sports at a young age helps develop skills, confidence, good health, and fitness, as well as helping to reduce chances of obesity and obesity-related health concerns.

Childhood and adolescence are critical periods for physical growth and development. While sport is healthful in so many ways, it’s vital that young athletes consume enough dietary fuel for these extra energy demands. Furthermore, the timing of meals and/or snacks can be a challenge when active children are trying to schedule schooling, homework, plus physical training and competitive sessions. In addition, active children may be at greater risk than adults for exercise-induced dehydration. With careful planning athletic youngsters can learn to incorporate sound nutrition to meet these unique dietary demands.
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Upcoming Events

Athlete Enhancement Program
ASDC-Central is now accepting applications to their Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP)
Registration deadline for the Fall Session is Sept 18th.
Please read through the application form carefully as there have many changes to the program. 
Forms can be downloaded from the ASDC-C website.
Contact Miles Kydd for more details at (403) 342-3231.
Join ASDC Central for the
Annual General Meeting
September 23, 2015

Room 913E, Red Deer College
Currently Recruiting Board Members....if interested in joining the ASDCC board contact Miles Kydd at (403) 342-3231.
Red Deer College Athletics
30th Annual Golf Classic

September 21
9:00 a.m. start
Red Deer Golf and Country Club
For more information, contact:
Corry McGregor
RDC Athletics is also holding a Big Ticket Raffle!
Purchase a RAFFLE TICKET for your chance to win $10,000 cash or a trip to Costa Rica!
Draw will take place on September 21st, 2015.
More details >>>
September 21, 2015

Westerner Park, Red Deer

The Leadership Centre of Central Alberta is offering an unprecedented evening event on Monday, September 21st, 2015 from 7pm—9pm at Westerner Park.
Sheldon Kennedy, former NHL Player and recipient of the Order of Canada, will be sharing his story of courage after dealing with sexual abuse over a five year period while playing junior hockey.
We encourage parents, teachers and coaches to take this opportunity to bring their students and children to hear
Sheldon’s message and to witness the positive action that he has taken to prevent abuse, bullying and harassment in sport, schools and the workplace.
This event is FREE for youth 12 -18 years old. Cost for adults is $40.
Please visit the website for details and to register. 

The City of Red Deer would like to invite local sport organization to display or demonstrate their sport at this event.
Sport Organizations click here for an invitation to be a part of this Xplore Sport Day.
World Long-Term Athlete Development Symposium 2016
Friday January 29, 2016
Gatineau, Quebec
More Information >>>

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