Individual Measures of Performance Across Competitive Targets

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Career Opportunities

Tournament Coordinator
Organization: Alberta Golf
Deadline Date: February 29, 2016
Date Posted: February 9, 2016
Location: Calgary, Alberta

Youth Development Coordinator
Organization: Alberta Golf
Deadline Date: February 29, 2016
Date Posted: February 9, 2016
Location: Calgary, Alberta

Deadline Date: March 6, 2016
Date Posted: February 22, 2016

Adult & Progressive Tennis Coordinator
Organization: Alberta Tennis Centre
Deadline Date: March 7, 2016
Date Posted: February 17, 2016
Location: Calgary, AB
Manager of Sponsorships and Marketing
Organization: Luge Canada
Deadline Date: March 18, 2016
Date Posted: February 23, 2016
Location: Calgary

Performance Coach
Organization: Alberta Tennis Centre
Deadline Date: March 20, 2016
Date Posted: February 17, 2016
Location: Calgary, AB

CAAWS is working with Lighthouse executive search ( to find their next Chief Executive Officer.
Deadline to apply is March 11th, 2016
To indicate your interest in this position please email your resume to: by Friday March 11, 2016.

GO Early Stages Summer Volleyball Coordinator
Organization: Volleyball Alberta
Deadline Date: April 23, 2016
Date Posted: February 9, 2016
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Go Early Stages Summer Camp instructors
Organization: Volleyball Alberta
Deadline Date: May 1, 2016
Date Posted: February 9, 2016
Location: Edmonton, Alberta (Saville Community Sports Centre)

Upcoming Events

2015 Athlete & Team of the year nominations close February 29, 2016!
More information and nomination forms at:
NCCP Courses for Winter, Spring and Summer 2016 are now available:
May 13 – 15, 2016
Knowledge to Action (K2A)
Edmonton, AB
Sport Medicine Council of Alberta’s 2016 K2A Conference will provide an interdisciplinary experience for professionals in the Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation fields.
May 6-8, 2016
Cross Country Canada's
High Performance Coaching Seminar
Canmore, AB  

Coaching Tips

Individual Measures of Performance Across Competitive Targets

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Erica Selena Sharpe is an important member of her current team and she is also listed in the top 100 “potential” picks of the new National Women’s Professional League (NWPL) in the 2016 draft.   She leads her team in scoring and is a go-to-gal on the power play and penalty kill.  When I asked her what she was working on to develop and improve her play (value) for the draft she quickly stated she was in Barbelles (women’s fitness club) every off-day.  In questioning further regarding the development of skills and sport fundamentals she felt her current ranking spoke well of her development as player but she felt she needed to be heavier and stronger.  I pressed even further and asked how she was going to improve her development to improve her ranking.  She was frank in stating that with ten teams (one in each province) she was already assured of a being top ten on any team and considering that the team needs forwards, defense-women and goaltenders she was confident she would be a top six forward.  The development that would make the biggest difference she reaffirmed was weight and strength.

While the story you read is fictitious it is a refrain we hear from athletes who wish to move to the “next level”. She might be right in her appraisal, but I cannot help wonder if maybe she could be wrong.  Would more weight and strength allow her to retain her current gifts and talents as a player?   Could more weight and strength harm her current assets? What are her current strengths in movement proficiencies - balance, reaction time, agility, coordination, explosive power and speed (B.R.A.C.E.S.) - and in her fitness proficiencies – flexibility, muscular endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness (F.E.S.C.)?  Further, how proficient is she in her sport fundamental / skills? Many exceptional athletes are
Keep Reading
Here's an article by Dr. Alan Goldberg from Competitive Advantage looking at digging a little deeper into practices you can do both on and off the field to further develop your mental toughness. Specifically, mindfulness and meditation.

When applied with consistency and patience - and combined with physical training - these practices can have immense benefits and support a whole new level of peak performance.

Read his new post, What Meditation and Mindfulness Have to Do With Mental Toughness, for all the details. If you've never tried it, this is the time to start!

          Pro Coach

 The Coaching Association of Canada now offers a one-stop shop for professional coaching

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) is pleased to inform the coaching community that the integration of the Coaches of Canada website and database into and the Locker is now completed. Visitors to the former website will now be redirected to the Professional Coaching Program page on The web integration truly makes a one-stop shop for all educational and professional coaching needs.

As a result of the new web merge, the Locker is now also the complete online application and renewal portal for Chartered Professional Coaches (ChPCs) and Registered Coaches. The Locker has been developed by the CAC to support its mission of enhancing the experiences of all Canadian athletes through quality coaching. Click HERE for more information on the application and/or renewal process.

For more information on the Professional Coaching Program, please visit or contact

In the News

Alberta Sports Hall of Fame
Announces 2016 Inductees

Athletes, Builders, Pioneers, Achievement, and Media personnel make up the 2016 list of Inductees. This year, 14 individuals and one team have been selected for this prestigious honour. Athletes include winners of Olympic Medals and World Championships, builders, and pioneers who have dedicated endless hours to build sport and sport legacies to where they are today. These Albertans have contributed to the continuous growth of their sport and are truly deserving of this honour.

2016 Inductees

Cheryl Bernard, Curling Athlete
Sherraine Schalm, Fencing Athlete
Shirley Cameron, Hockey Builder
Marilyn Chidlow, Figure Skating Builder
Warren Hansen, Curling Builder
Karl Weidle, Soccer Builder
Red Deer College Kings, 1999-2007, Volleyball Team
Joe, Tom, John Forzani and Basil Bark, Achievement Award
Tom, Vernon, and Brian Butterfield, Pioneer Award
Graham Kelly, Bell Memorial Award
Karin Lofstrom Stepping Down

After almost 20 years with the organization, Executive Director Karin Lofstrom has announced that she will be stepping down at the end of March 2016. She has been the dedicated face, leading expert and a passionate voice on gender equity for girls and women in sport in Canada.
Read the full press release.
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Most athletes will admit that they have a passion for sport and that it is this passion that drives them to perform to their best abilities. But can there be too much passion when it comes to sport? A recent study suggests that a certain type of passion, obsessive passion, can possibly make an athlete more open to the idea of performance enhancing drugs. Read on to see what the research has to say.
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