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Volume 8, Issue 3
February 4, 2016

This bi-weekly publication is intended to highlight the achievements of the outstanding athletes in Central Alberta, provide tips on nutrition, training, mental skills and upcoming events.

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Athlete of the Month

February 4, 2016
Taylor Davies - Snowboard (Slopestyle)

February 4, 2016
    The Alberta Sport Development Centre – Central (ASDC-C) is pleased to announce that the ASDC-Central Female Athlete of the Month for February 2016 is Taylor Davies.
    Taylor Davies, is a 17 year old Red Deer resident and is a competitive Snowboard (Slopestyle) athlete.  (Slopestyle is a combination of jumps and rails     and is a judged sport.)
    The past few month have been very busy as Taylor tries to balance her school studies (Hunting Hills High School) with a hectic training and competition schedule. Since January, Taylor travels to (and lives in) Calgary for training four days a week and competes around Alberta and Western Canada on weekends.
    On January 9, Taylor finished 2nd in Alberta Snowboard Association’s (ASA) F.I.S. Slopestyle event in Calgary, and competed January 30 at an ASA Rail Jam event in Edmonton.  Next up for Taylor is another ASA F.I.S. Slopestyle event at Castle Mountain, AB on February 21, and the TransAm Slopestyle event at Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver, BC on February 27.  TransWorld Snowboard Magazine is the host for this event and the event will feature riders from across Canada and the United States.
ASDC-Central Female Athlete of the Month – Taylor Davies
Action Photo:
(Photo Credit: Supersaurus Photo)


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Career Opportunities

Beach Coach
Organization: Volleyball Alberta
Deadline Date: March 31, 2016
Date Posted: February 2, 2016
Location: John Fry Beach Courts (92nd Street & 28th Avenue)

 Beach League Coordinator
Organization: Volleyball Alberta
Deadline Date: March 31, 2016
Date Posted: February 2, 2016
Location: John Fry Beach Courts & Percy Page Centre

Head Coach Women's Basketball
Organization: Olds College
Deadline Date: February 29, 2016
Date Posted: February 1, 2016
Location: Olds, Alberta

Member Services Manager
Organization: Alberta Tennis Centre
Deadline Date: March 1, 2016
Date Posted: January 18, 2016
Location: Calgary, Alberta

Member Services Attendant
Organization: Alberta Tennis Centre
Deadline Date: March 1, 2016
Date Posted: January 18, 2016
Location: Calgary, Alberta

Interim High Performance Coach
Organization: Squash Alberta
Deadline Date: February 1, 2016
Date Posted: January 18, 2016
Location: Calgary, AB

Impressive Performances

A big Congratulations to Elizabeth Moore on qualifying for the Olympics Trails in the 200m breast, 100 back (15-year-old Age Group nationals), 100 m and 200 m breast (Canadian summer championships. Elizabeth, former AEP athlete, was first in the 200m breast and third in the 100m breast at the Speedo Alberta Open in Edmonton last weekend. 

Current AEP Athlete, Casey Patsula, was fifth in vault, fifth on uneven bars, ninth on beam, sixth overall at the Execlta Cup gymnastics meet last weekend.

Former AEP athlete, Amy Severson placed 5th in the ACAC Indoor Track Program in Edmonton.



FUN-duh-MENTALS of Sport Psychology
Doug. Swanson – F.I.R.S.T. Place for Human Performance
February 4, 2016

Universal Principles?

"Energy flows where attention goes". (A Universal Principle of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
Before I explore the notion of Universal Principles I would like you to reflect on the following questions: Do I live my life through a Universal Principle, a belief (rule if you like) about human behaviour?  You may have more than one.  Continue your personal exploration with a second question: Am I confident that my rule(s) is irrefutable and without exception or challenge?  Finally consider the quote that prefaces this article with the following question: Is it irrefutable that energy flows (follows / leads) wherever your attention is directed?
If you are like me, you likely found the first question relatively easy. Each of us has at least one belief about human and human behaviour – a rule which we believe / assume to be universal (irrefutable). This newsletter is directed to a large “Community of Athletes”.  We can focus our discussion on a more definitive question: Is there, or do you have, a Universal Principle that accounts for athletic achievement?  
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Understanding the Rise in Youth Sports Injuries
There has been a growing increase in youth sports injuries over the last 25 years. As coaches, you want your athletes to be healthy, so what can be done to prevent injuries? This great article discusses the risks of early specialization, overtraining and burnout, and how you can prevent injuries from taking a toll on your athletes.
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Concussion Resources:
Concussion Awareness Training Toolkit for Parents, Players, and Coaches.
Alberta Concussion Alliance
Building Strong Relationships with Journalists
Nurturing your relationships with journalists is crucial if you’re hoping to tell your story to a broader audience. Journalists in the sport industry are a passionate bunch. Be good to them and they’ll be great to you. So, how can you be good to them.
Be truthful

Journalist: “So, how was your race?”

You: “It went great!”

You: “I choked.”

Take for granted that a sports journalist has seen a thousand athletes before you, therefore they can smell bullshit a mile away. Except maybe for Lance Armstrong but you're not Lance so don’t even try. Sooner or later they’ll figure it out.
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Upcoming Events

2015 Athlete & Team of the year nominations close February 29, 2016!
More information and nomination forms at:
NCCP Courses for Winter, Spring and Summer 2016 are now available:
9 days till Opening Ceremonies of Alberta Winter Games
Feb 13-16
in Medicine Hat

Industry leading experts will lead day-long seminars on the topics noted below with content specifically built for Canada’s National Sport Federations.  Sessions are open to NSF personnel and Alberta Provincial / Multi-Sport Organizations. The Canadian Olympic Committee has extended an invitation to Alberta Provincial / Multi-Sport Organizations to participate in these seminars at no cost.

All session will be held at the Markin McPhail Centre at WinSport and there is no registration fee for any of the sessions.
To register for any of the seminars, please click on the following link for a list of workshops and follow the process.
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