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Connecting Coaches

March 2017                                                                            Volume 9 Issue 3

ASDC - Coaching Services

With our services we hope to assist coaches of emerging athlete with the sport science resources they need to succeed. In order to assist you in the opportunity to support young athletes through their sport experience, we have compiled a number of resources to assist and support coaches from the community, club or high performance levels. Please see our website for more detailed information on;

Coaching Grants - NCCP program - Canadian Sport for Life - Respect in Sport


Social Media 101 for Coaches

A great article from Coaches Plan Magazine on how coaches can deal with distractions such as social media, and use it to help their team.
Read article >>>

In other news from, they are offering their new online training module, Coach Initiation in Sport, free for 150 days.
More Information>>>


Ask Dr.G

Dr. Allen Goldberg is a well-known sports performance consultant who specializes in mental toughness. In his blog he answers some of the most commonly asked questions from coaches. In this issue we will look at How to Be an Athlete-Orientated Coach.   Read more >>>


Gatorade Sports Science Institute tackles topics like Sports Nutrition, Training & Performance, Athlete Health & Well-Being in their Sports Science Exchange. Check out article SSE#142 Training and nutrition to prevent soft tissue injuries and accelerate return to play.

Key Points
- The stiffness of a connective tissue, like a tendon or ligament, is dependent on the collagen content, and the amount of crosslinks within the collagen.
- Crosslinks increase when athletes train at a high speed or with rapid changes in direction.
- Crosslinks can be decreased using slow movements that produce greater shear between adjacent collagen molecules, which breaks crosslinks. 
Read full article >>>
TeamSnap and podcast Hardwood Hustle, teamed up to develop 5 communication tips for coaches.

Tip No. 1:
“It’s so easy to stay on the surface level with people, but try to make an effort to go deeper with your communication. Get to someone’s background, their goals and passions, because being able to connect on a deep level with someone allows for some of the best communication possible.”

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Upcoming Events

ASDC - Central Winning Edge Seminar
Title: Mental Skills # 3
Date: April 5 at 7pm
RDC Rooms 2503 & 2505
ASDC - Central Coaching Grants
Accepting applications
More info >>>
Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum
Title: Servus Free Family Night
Date: April 5 at 6pm-8pm
More Info>>>
Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum
2017 Ford World Men's Curling Bus Trip
Date: April 4, 2017
More info >>>
2017 Alberta Sport Leadership Conference
April 27-29, 2017 Banff Centre
More information
Alberta Sports Hall of Fame & Museum
2017 Induction Banquet
Date: May 26, 2017
More info >>>
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